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Tonearms by Kuzma

Galibier Design - Kuzma 4Point-9 Tonearm with Lyra Cartridge
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The 4Point series is our most popular seller – both in the Kuzma line as well across all of the tonearms we carry.

We can also furnish you with all versions of the Stogi-S and Stogi Reference, along with the Airline.

A special 4Point:  we’re in direct conversations with Franc Kuzma to specify a very special 4Point – the “Hybrid”.  Contact us for details.

With respect to the 4Point, we recommend the the 9″ or the 11″ lengths in most cases, because their effective mass is compatible with a broader range of current cartridges.

The longer, 14″ version (19 gram effective mass) is an arm we would only specify for someone who knows they will be using it with low compliance cartridges exclusively.

Contact us for pricing and our recommendations based on your system, and click the other tabs for features, wiring and termination options.

  • Galibier Design - Kuzma CAR-60 CartridgeInterchangeable headshells which maintain a direct connection from the cartridge pins to the cartridge clips.  Unlike universal, removable headshells (Jelco, Ikeda, Ortofon, etc.), these headshells have a positive, firm contact with the arm tube.
  • Azimuth is repeatably fine adjustable via a rack and pinion screw adjustment with laser etched markings.  This is the best, most precise and repeatable azimuth adjustment we’ve ever encountered.  We comment a bit about it’s ease of use in this blog post.
  • Repeatable VTA adjustment.
  • Multiple wiring & termination options.
Galibier Design - Kuzma DIN Termination
DIN Termination (click to enlarge)

There are 3 basic termination options for all of the 4Point tonearms.

Single Wire:  This is Kuzma’s terminology for a straight run from the cartridge clips to either RCAs or XLRs.  This is our preferred termination.

Galibier Design - Kuzma Biwire Termination
Biwire Termination (click to enlarge)

Single Wire DIN (sometimes referred to as 5-Pin DIN):  This is traditional tonearm termination which requires a 5-Pin DIN compatible tonearm cable (provide your own or ask us about our Wind River Tonearm Interconnect).

Bi-wire:  The output from the arm is routed to a junction box, from which two output options are available:  (a) a straight run to either RCA or XLR plugs (like the single wire option but with an intermediate solder connection), and (b) RCA jacks for connecting a standard RCA terminated interconnect.


Standard connectors are:

  • RCA termination is either KLE or Furutech CF-126 RCA (depending on tonearm model).
  • XLR termination is by Neutrik.

We have a direct link to the factory and can provide them with ETI connectors (both RCA and XLR).

Galibier Design - Kuzma 4Point-9 with Lyra Delos

The first two wires below are specified by Kuzma and are manufactured in the factory which fabricates Siltech wire.  The standard Crystal Cable Silver/Gold is very good.

    • The “standard”, Crystal Cable Silver/Gold wire.  We’re big fans of this wire.  Very low capacitance which renders subtle dynamics extremely well.
    • Mono-Crystal:  better yet.
    • Cardas Clear: this wire is much less capactive (rolled off) than the stereotypical Cardas interconnect.
    • Kondo Silver: very good wire, but it takes an extremely long time to break in.
    • Nördost V2:  This has been discontinued.

Contact us for more background.


We recommend the standard, Single-Wire termination because of the unbroken signal path between the cartridge clips and the connection to your phono stage.


We’re big fans of both of Kuzma’s wires.  Kuzma began offering alternatives to provide you with choices based on your preference.  We’d have no problems running Kondo silver or Cardas Clear.

Delivery Times:

The 4Point-9 and 11″ in single-wire  termination with Crystal Cable Silver/Gold are typically available for immediate delivery.   Other combinations typically have a 4 week lead time.

Undocumented 4Point Version

Contact us for details about the 4Point Hybrid we’ve collaborated with Franc Kuzma on.  We make a small, part for this arm here at Galibier (with Franc’s approval, of course!), and it is only available through us.