Tonearm Cables

Our lineup is very simple, with two tiers of cables:  the Headwaters and the Wind River.  Like our interconnects, the wire and architecture in the two models differs dramatically, with the Wind River being a complex construction that's configured in-house.

Click the thumbnail photo (or this link) for a product summary, along with commentary on lessons we've learned about auditioning and configuring cables in your system.

If you have no time to read it, then know this:  think strategically and save time and money.  Select your power and speaker cables first, because they will influence your assessment of interconnects.  

These musings are by no means our final thoughts on the matter, and while your approach may differ, our hope is to stimulate further thought.

Having said that, scroll down to view our two tonearm cables.

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Galibier Wind River

Ortofon 6-Nines

Wind River - from $895


  • RCA termination: $895
  • XLR (balanced) termination: $995
Galibier Design - Wind River Phono Interconnect

Wind River Phono


  • Capacitance:  17pf per foot
  • Effective Wire Gauge:  24
  • Maximum (standard) length:  4 feet / 1.2m
Galibier Design - ETI XLR Plugs



  • Copper Litz wire
  • ETI Kryo Low Mass Connectors (RCA & XLR/balanced).
  • Cardas 5-pin DIN connector
  • Internal cotton sleeving for ideal dielectric behavior
  • Braided copper shield
Galibier Design - ETI Kryo_RCA Plugs



This cable is the sibling of the Wind River line level interconnect.

It takes the same minimalist approach, with litz wire and almost no dielectric in the build.

Most manufacturers blow their horn over the use of Teflon, foamed PTFE, etc.  We’re not most manufacturers.  

The only dielectric in the Wind Rivers is the heat shrink used for strain-relief, and the thin enamel in the litz wire's construction (along with the serving wrapped around the wire).

Choosing cotton for the jacket was based on sonics, and was validated by our beta test group and several local customers.  

We manufacture the Wind River in-house, and it is a labor of love - taking about 4 hours to build a 1.2m tonearm cable. 

Ortofon 6-Nines - $329

Model #6NX-TSW1010

We replaced our Headwaters cable with this one from Ortofon.  

After auditioning, we found that it's every bit as good as our Headwaters cable which is quite labor intensive to build.

Shown is the "straight DIN" version: .

A right-angle version is also available for the same price.

At present, they don't have an XLR version, but we can re-terminate yours with Neutrik XLRs for a $50 fee.

Ortofon 6NX-TSW1010

Ortofon 6NX-TSW1010

  • Capacitance is very low, at 21.6 pf/foot (quoted as 85pf for 1.2m length)

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