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From cartridge, to phono stage and beyond, we'll tailor a vinyl  front end for you!

Welcome to Galibier

Galibier Design - Picture of Thom

From Thom @ Galibier Design

We've been designing turntables since 1999, and formed Galibier Design in 2003.  Our philosophy is centered around stable, mature designs, with an educated customer being a happy customer.

We have very specific ideas about what constitutes a great turntable, and it's not about belts vs. idlers vs. direct drive, but the entirety of the design. 

We realize we can't be all things to all people, and in 2022 we began to represent the work of turntable designers we hold in high regard.

None of this intended to diminish our designs, and our soon to be released Savoie will be something to behold - from our legendary TPI platter, to the self-tensioined rigid belt.  

Stay tuned for this in 2024.

Over time, we've expanded, to cover all things vinyl, as well as amplification.

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Amplification, Record Cleaners and More ...


Galibier Design - NiWatt 3D Rendering

NiWatt 300B

NiWatt 300B amplifier.  

With 4 independent power supplies per channel, you'd swear you were listening to an 845 amp, but yet with the nuance, delicacy and tone colors of a 300B.

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Galibier Design - Quicksilver Audio Line Stage

Quicksilver Audio

Quicksilver's phono stage is a real sleeper.

Mike Sander's nearly 40 year track record speaks for itself.  Made in the USA at value pricing while competing with products 5 times their price.

Combine with our step-up transformer (coming soon) for a winning combination.

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Vinyl Care

Your vinyl collection has countless irreplacable recordings.

The best record cleaner is the one you use, and the Audiodesk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner Pro eliminates all the drudgery.

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Galibier Design - Audiodesk Vinyl Cleaner Pro


Galibier Design - Wind River Power Cable

Our cable line was spawned during development of our NiWatt 300B amplifier.  

This amplifier has a total of 5" of wire in its signal path, and the smallest changes reveal significant differences.

Once we realized what was possible, the Wind River and Headwaters line of cables was born.

With a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, what to you have to lose by trying them?

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Setup Tools & Accessories

Galibier Design - Setup Tools – Feickert Protractor

We're your source for the Feickert Protractor, AnalogMagik setup software, and more.  

We can also coach you on USB microscopes, the ideal Vernier adjustable microscope stands, and most importantly, how use them for optimal results.

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Setup Services

Beginning with COVID, we've added a remote setup model to our on-site setup service.

Our on-site setup is a full-on, 2-day mentoring session

We'll show you what's possible in your setup and how to achieve it.

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Galibier Design Setup Tools – Microscope

Why we do it

Galibier Design - Reed Tonearm Mount

We've been there

Call us idealists, but when someone approaches us with an "unsolvable" problem, we feel their pain, and it inspires us to get them back up and running.  

The unfortunate reality is that the audio industry (like most industries) is rife with incompetent pretenders whose only interest is in taking your money.  

These customer journeys all begin the same way:  with an innocent question about a "minor" problem the customer is experiencing.  

As we peel back the layers, the other shoe drops and the real issue surfaces.

Click here for part-1 of one such rescue story.  Jeff Blackburn's comments about this are immediately below.

What they say



november 15, 2022

Thom Mackris is a person of utmost integrity and is a true expert in analog music reproduction.

I first contacted Thom to purchase a new tonearm. My objective was to address what appeared to be a compatibility issue between my (recently acquired) existing arm and cartridge.

Rather than take advantage of an easy sale, Thom encouraged me to get to the root cause of problem before spending significant money on new equipment. We discussed a variety of alternate potential causes and solutions over many weeks

I ultimately sent my tonearm to Thom for evaluation, and he found it to be in good working order. I then sent him my cartridge for a full setup and alignment. Thom took the time to consult with the designer of my cartridge (for which he is not a dealer) in order to establish optimum alignment parameters. Once the setup was completed, Thom found no compatibility issues, and stated that the performance of.this arm and cartridge combination was something he could happily live with for many years.. So, he shipped the cartridge and arm back to me.

After reinstalling the arm snd cartridge on my turntable, the music produced by Thom’s setup was nothing short of revelatory. The detail, tonal quality and imaging surpassed anything I’d previously heard from my system,. The improvement surpassed that of many equipment “upgrades’ each costing several times that of Thom’s setup. Problem solved totally, completely and beyond expectations.

Based on my experience I cannot recommend Thom Mackris and Gabilier Design highly enough. Thom is now my “go to” source for any aspect of analog playback including equipment selection, turntable setup and troubleshooting. I could not be more pleased.

jeff blackburn

December 10, 2018

I’m the unnamed customer who bought the table/arm combination from the unnamed manufacturer *, to whom I paid a very large and unnamed sum of money.

Once I realized there was a problem, I took my table and arm to Thom. He spent hours designing and tweaking a new armboard for my rig. 

Now, it sounds like it should have sounded from the beginning and a whole lot better than it ever has.

Is there a big lesson in this? Maybe just “I should have kept my Galibier”.

Thanks a million Thom! You’re one of the most honorable and true people I’ve ever encountered in this audio thing of ours.

*If anyone wants to know particulars in strong language, drop me a line….

Enter your text here...



Thank you for hosting us in your lovely home last weekend. My thoughts:

The original conception of the platter, base and bearing have been re-validated. This part of the design ranks with the best available. The long term viability of the design is a wonderful testament to your initial engineering conception.

The rim drive is a revolutionary (as opposed to evolutionary) development. I have heard just about every contender for “best turntable in the world”.

What I heard on Saturday night is the best vinyl I have ever heard…and second place isn’t that close.

Based on what I heard Saturday evening, the new drive system fulfills the promise of Galibier and what compelled me (and many other customers) to purchase Galibier turntables. I feel you absolutely owe it to your loyal customers to complete the rim drive and make it available as an upgrade sooner rather than later.

As a loyal customer and public advocate of your products, I have waited for this level of upgrade and am looking forward to getting delivery of either a prototype or finished drive system soon. I expect you will want input and validation from current owners, please let me know when a test unit will be available.



I want to comment on the motor upgrade and the power supply, neither of which go with the below links.  So please take the following and post it anywhere you would like.  If I said anything inaccurate, let me know and I’ll correct it.

I have been the happy owner of an early iteration of the Galibier Stelvio for many years now.  I use it with a Durand Talea tonearm and Lyra Atlas cartridge.  The rest of my system is in the same league. 

I’ve heard many turntables at higher (and lower) prices but I’ve never been tempted to replace the Stelvio.  I have upgraded arms and cartridges over the years and the Stelvio has been more than worthy of the upgrades.  

But I have, from time to time, felt that the drive and/or power supply could be causing some small timing errors that were holding the table back particularly in terms of bass slam and image focus.


No more. 

Thom’s latest drive upgrade and an upgrade to the Teddy Pardo power supply (which Thom now specifies for his new tables), have not only fixed those issues, but have also brought the turntable to a truly world class level of performance.  It was night and day on a table that I didn’t think could get that much better.

It speaks to the engineering of the table itself that these inexpensive upgrades (about $200 for the drive upgrade and $400 for the power supply) yielded such great returns which were immediately recognizable. 

It speaks to Thom’s integrity and incredible level of customer service, that he spent a bunch of time researching and working on upgrades which yielded tremendous results and then offered them to his customers without it being a profit center for him (he makes nothing on the power supply and I’ve got to think the drive upgrade is pretty close to nothing). 

But that’s how Thom is; he builds one hell of a table, charges a fair price for what it is, supports it 100%, and continues to look for ways to make it better.  That’s a rare combination in audio world where overcharging and lateral upgrades are the norm.  

Check out one of Thom’s tables.  You won’t be disappointed.

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