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Our customers find themselves dispensing with audiophile jargon and re-introducing musical performance terms into their vocabulary.  We can think of no higher compliment.

Tonearms and cartridges from
Schröder, Kuzma, Ikeda, Tri-Planar,
Durand, Lyra, Van den Hul, Dynavector,
Ortofon, Koetsu, and more ...

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Selecting the right tonearm and cartridge can be a daunting task …

We carry tonearms from 8 manufacturers and cartridges from 6 companies, and we’ll help you tailor your system to your tastes.

We cover some of the pitfalls of selecting the “right” cartridge in this blog post and  some overlooked considerations in selecting tonearms in this one.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for help in navigating through this maze of choices.

Are you trading off resolution to tame a bright system?

While no cable can fix a system problem, all too many cables introduce problems of their own.  We invite you to compare our cables against cost no object designs.

Shielded?  Unshielded?  How do you approach system cabling?  Click here to read about our philosophy.

Our cables are a bit unconventional looking, and we discuss the reason for this in a blog post called Polyester Leisure Suits, this one about cotton, and this one on connector metallurgy.  Conventional wisdom may have you selecting the wrong cable length.  Here’s our take on cable length and why you might be prioritizing the wrong cable.

The best of belt and idler drive technologies in a single package …

While having undergone continual refinement since 1999, our initial design vision has proven its worth over nearly a quarter of a century.  Click this link to the Galibier Museum to view the evolution of our designs leading to the Stelvio-II.

Planned obsolescence is not in our vocabulary …

Galibier crafts heirloom products designed to pass to your heirs. We share the value you place in your investment.

With our open, modular platform, full support is available for every turntable we’ve built.
In fact, the very first turntable we delivered is running our current specification drive system.

We take setup seriously …

With the demise of most brick and mortar dealers, buying “manufacturer direct” doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice service.

In normal times, all new Galibier turntables delivered in the Continental US (and most parts of Canada) are set up by us at your house.  Check our On-site Setup page for details.

Due to COVID travel and social distancing guidelines, this service has been temporarily suspended.  Contact us for details on alternative solutions, and click this link to read an account of a remote install we recently performed.

In the development pipeline …

NiWatt 300B

Galibier Design - NiWatt 3D Rendering
NiWatt 300B – click image to view product page

We’ve submitted the finalized the chassis design to our fabricator, and expect to be going into production shortly.

This is not your grandfather’s 300B.  We’ve pulled out all of the stops, including four independent power supplies per channel, a copper subchassis, a unique choice of rectifiers, and a signal path with only 5 inches of wire.

The NiWatt has the grace of a 45 with the authority of an 845 amplifier.

Eiger – Rim Drive

Galibier Design - Eiger
Eiger rim drive – click image to view product page

To quote David Crosby:  “It’s been a long time comin’…”.

Recent improvements we made to the Stelvio-II cast some doubt as to whether the Eiger could differentiate itself sufficiently from the Stelvio-II.  Such is the rim-drive like immediacy that the Stelvio conveys.

We think we have something special in the Eiger however.  It’s different (not better) and we’re projecting a Fall, 2019 release.

Here’s what one customer had to say about a late stage prototype:

The rim drive is a revolutionary (as opposed to evolutionary) development. I have heard just about every contender for ‘best turntable in the world’. What I heard on Saturday night is the best vinyl I have ever heard… and second place isn’t that close.

MZ – Bellevue, WA