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Tonearms We Carry

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Galibier Design - Kuzma 4 Point Tonearm
Galibier Design - Ikeda IT-345 Thumbnail
Galibier Design - Schröder CB Tonearm
Galibier Design - Durand Tonearm
Galibier Design - Tri-Planar Tonearms
Galibier Design - Dynavector DV507 Tonearm
Galibier Design - Jelco Tonearm

Problematic tonearm mount? Who told you that you can’t mount that arm to your turntable?

  • With 20 years’ design experience, we have you covered (click here for one story). Our machinists are ISO-9000 certified and work in aerospace.
  • Contact us to discuss the tonearm which will work best for you, and check this blog post on selecting a tonearm for our take on the subject.

Note:  we are reserving our remaining stock of Jelco SA-250 tonearms we manufactured under the Artisan Audio label for release with our upcoming Savoie turntable.

We removed Ortofon from this page, since they have ceased sale of tonearms and removed all documentation from their website.  Their tonearms were OEM’d (manufactured) by Jelco.