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Note: customers who purchase a new upper-tier tonearm (e.g. Kuzma 4Point, Durand Kairos, Tri-Planar, etc.) receive a complimentary on-site setup from us.  Currently, this applies to residents in the Continental US and most parts of Canada.

Check our On-Site Setup Page for details.

Sonic performance matters, but many overlook ergonomics and usability.  At the highest level of performance, the arm you set up the best is the arm that sounds the best.  We discuss this topic in this blog post.  Contact us to discuss which arm works best for you.

No break-in required! We break in all of our tonearms for our customers (from cartridge clips to connectors) as follows:

Click the product thumbnail photos to link to the manufacturers’ websites.

Galibier Design - Tri-Planar Tonearms


Herb Papier’s brainchild lives on today, under the caring stewardship of Tri Mai in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Tri-Planar embraces the philosophy we espouse here at Galibier – well conceived, stable, mature designs which undergo evolutionary, continual process improvement.  Much of the Tri-Planar’s improvements over the years are “under the hood” and not plainly visible.

In addition to the Tri-Planar’s world-class sonics, we have not found a tonearm which is easier to set up and adjust precisely.  Refer to the blog post in the introduction above for our position on tonearm ergonomics and usability.

Galibier Design - Generic Tonearm Photo


The Kairos is $6,500 and comes without a tonearm interconnect.  Contact us to see if the Durand is the right arm for you.

We provide our own copper litz interconnect with every Kairos we sell, at no extra charge (a $795 value).

See our cable section for details on this interconnect.

Galibier Design - Kuzma 4 Point Tonearm


In general, we recommend the 11″ arm, because its effective mass is compatible with a broader range of current cartridges.

Its 14″ sibling (18 gram effective mass) is more suitable to low compliance cartridges.

Galibier Design - Dynavector DV507 Tonearm


The DV-507 Mk-II is a unique tonearm that allows you to independently tune the vertical and horizontal effective mass.

Galibier Design - Ortofon TA-210 Tonearm

Ortofon (Jelco)

The Ortofon tonearms are sourced from Jelco, and they’ve made a couple of mods to them.

Coupled with our copper litz tonearm cable, the TA-210 (12″ arm) is a great match for the SPU line of cartridges.

Galibier Design - Artisan Audio (Jelco SA-250) Tonearm

Artisan Audio (Jelco)

These are re-branded Jelco SA-250’s (9″ arm) and represent one of the best bargains in audio.  Jelco has made tonearms for Koetsu and a host of other brands.

The arm is deserving of a much better interconnect than the budget cable offered as standard issue with the Jelcos you see advertised elsewhere.

We offer either our copper litz tonearm cable or the Discovery Cable Plus-4 to mate with it.

We’re developing a new counterweight set for the Artisan arm and are also developing a hardwired version (continuous run from headshell clips to RCA jacks) using the copper litz wire in our tonearm interconnect.

We also have the 12″ model available for those of you who are looking for a high mass arm for your SPU or other vintage cartridge.