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Turntable / Tonearm Packages

Contact us about tonearm packages which are two low to advertise, and click here for an overview

Flash! Cartridges !!!

With the new cartridge lines we're bringing in, we've kicked off a long term evaluation process.  We're attempting the impossible - to set up, break in and get to know all of our cartridges.  

We've come up with a plan.  

Tell us about a cartridge you're interested in. If we have yet to evaluate it, we'll order it for you, run a full QC, and sell it to you at a price that's too low to advertise.

Know that putting 10-20 hours into a cartridge project, along with documenting its setup is not a trivial task, so we'll be spacing these projects out to fit in with our other activities.  

We reserve the right to determine cartridges that qualify for this program.

After receiving your deposit, we'll do the following:

  1. Order your cartridge.
  2. Set it up and run it in for 10-20 hours.
  3. Perform a full QC, including producing USB microscope photos, along with documenting azimuth and all other setup parameters.
  4. If there's any anomaly, we'll send it back to the distributor to correct the issue.
  5. Deliver your cartridge at a price that's too low to advertise.

Your cartridge will be delivered "as new with dealer QC" along with all of the normal documentation and warranty details.

About sample to sample cartridge variance.  

Tonearms are adjustable for the very reason that affixing a tiny diamond to a cantilever (while being a precision operation) is not an exact science.  Even the best cartridges vary by as much as +/-1.5 degrees in any plane (SRA, azimuth zenith).  Cartridges falling within these parameters are considered to be normal.

Were this not the case, we would not be using advanced setup tools like USB microscopes, dedicated setup records and software, oscilloscopes, and such.

Current Items

Gavia Mk 1 (with Mk 1.5 update) - just back from the finishing shop!

Serac Turntable - we just re-manufactured a Serac and it's ready to go!

Free Teres Verus II Rim Drive

Linn LP12

GAVIA Mk 1.5 - $6,250

Just back from the finishing shop!

Galibier Design - Gava Mk 1.5 Restoration

Tonearm & Cartridge are Extra

This turntable has been completely remanufactured, with our newest finish which replaces our Stelvio class finish.

Our Stevio class finish upgrade was priced at $1,000 before we discontinued it.

With the exception of missing dual arm capability, this Mk 1.5 restoration is sonically identical to our dual-arm capable Mk II turntables.

Your restored Gavia has all of these "extras":

Drive System:  

  • Current drive system specification (v1.03).  
  • Teddy Pardo linear supply upgrade ($525 value).


  • Rebuilt to current specification with ceramic thrust ball interface.

Mk 1.5 Upgrade

  • Tonearm cavity machined to accommodate Mk 1.5 armboard
  • Mk 1.5 Armboard - drilled for your tonearm

TPI © Top Plate

  • This turntable has the earlier graphite version, it has been refinished using our new process, bringing the cosmetics to match the later carbon fiber version.
  • Performance differences between the two versions are indistinguishable.  
  • The carbon fiber revision was a cosmetic change.  This occurred before we developed the new finishing process for the graphite plates.  We're circulating these refinished graphite plates to our beta test group and will likely return to the graphite version in the near future.


  • This turntable served as a proof of concept for our new Teridium Texture Powder Coat.  We like it so much, that we're discontinuing our Stelvio auto paint finsh in place of this process. 

The Mk 1.5 Upgrade:

This is not trivial.  This brings  parity with our Mk II designs to the Mk I architecture.

In developing the Mk II chassis, we replaced the pivoting armboard design of the Mk I with a more stable and adjustable arm mounting architecture.

With a bit of post-manufacture machining, we retrofit this upgrade to our Mk I chassis.

The only feature it is missing from the Mk II is dual arm capability.

A detailed comparison of Mk I and Mk 1.5 armboards can be viewed here.  You can view photos of the various armboard options in our museum

Previous Gavia Restorations

It’s the rare individual who “requires” an upgrade from a Gavia to a Stelvio turntable, and on average, we’ll see perhaps one Gavia come our way in a calendar year.

The three Gavias shown here are examples different finishes for for turntables received in trade (click photos to expand).  

The fourth  photo shows the machined conversion cavity for compatibility with the Mk 1.5 armboards.  This modification brings the Mk I turntable's performance to match the Mk-II turntables.

Our polisher has retired, and in recent years, the default finish has changed to a matte silver, anodized finish  shown below.

Serac:  available April, 2024

$3,150 to $4,200 depending on options

Built and Ready to Drill an Armboard for you

Galibier Design - Serac with Kuzma 4Point-9

"axed out" with Kuzma 4Point-9

Our original Serac had our first generation drive system.  

Shown here, is the "maxed out" configuration with Mk 1.5 armboard and front pillar (tonearm not included).

This remanufactured turntable has a new drive system that is identical to our Gavia/Stelvio drive systems.

These drive system upgrades are sold as an upgrade, for $2,750.  

Base Price ($3,150) includes:

  • Turntable base converted to accept Mk 1.5
  • Serac PVC platter
  • Remanufactured bearing with ceramic thrust interface (same as Gavia/Stelvio)
  • Mk I pivoting armboard with no front pillar
  • Current  specification Gavia/Stelvio drive system (v1.03)  with Astron RS 7A Linear Power Supply


  • Mk 1.5 armboard - add $275
  • Teddy Pardo Linear Power Supply Upgrade - add $525 (direct from Teddy Pardo)
  • Front protective pillar - add $250


We sell the identical Gavia/Stelvio drive system (v1.03) as an after market upgrade for  $2,750 (click here for details).

For the base price of $3,150 + the $525 Teddy Pardo power supply upgrade, you are getting a complete turntable with this drive system. 


On rare occasions, a Serac owner will upgrade their Serac platter to a Gavia. When they do, we trade the customer's base, platter and bearing in exchange for a new base, Gavia platter, and matching bearing (platters & bearings are delivered in matched sets). We then take the traded-in base, platter and bearing and do the following to build a new turntable:

  • We modify the base to accept Mk 1.5 armboards.
  • We rebuild the bearing to our current ceramic thrust interface standard
  • We build a new drive system with an Astron linear supply
  • In "Maxed Out" configuration, we include a front pillar, a Mk 1.5 Gavia armboard, and substitute a Teddy Pardo linear supply for the Astron.

Photos below are show various arms as well as one with a Mk I armboard.

Inquire about tonearm and cartridge package pricing.

Serac Background

The Serac may be our greatest technical achievement and biggest commercial flop.  We put all of our r&d into performance, and compromised on cosmetics to deliver it at its price point.

In retrospect, we realized that the market preferred a bit more cosmetics, but we could  have never delivered so much sound at this price point if we had done so.

Put this into perspective:  our customers currently pay $1,295 to upgrade to this drive system – the same one we specify for our 5-figure Stelvio and Gavia turntables – a drive system which competes against cost no object turntables.s

For a relatively small price difference, you’re getting an entire turntable with the same bearing and drive system we specify for the Gavia and Stelvio turntables.

Teres Verus II

The Verus has been spoken for  and we're finalizing arrangements.

If this fellow changes his mind, we'll re-activate this ad.

This unit is in need of some tender loving care, as it apparently suffered some shipping damage which went unnoticed by the owner who never plugged the unit in.

This unit will set you back only the price of shipping, and is for the hobbyist who has access to a machine shop to perform the necessary repairs.  

Read on if this describes you.

Galibier Design - Teres Verus Drive System

Verus - click to enlarge

If you’re up to it, I have my customer’s permission to gift it to you for the price of shipping.

The unit came with manual dated 04-Mar-2015 (click here), along with a one page flyer titled "Verus Pod Upgrade Instructions” (click here).

This is everything I know about the unit, and needless to say, it comes with no technical support.

Galibier Design - Teres Verus Drive System

Verus Height Risers

When we installed it, we adjusted the dip switches to set the speed ramp and rpm range – the latter to adjust to platter diameter.  

We observed severe wow, and upon close inspection, we noticed that the rim was tilted (instead of being perpendicular to the motor shaft).

I advised my customer that this is a “rescue unit” and he gave me permission to gift it to someone for the price of shipping.

Be aware that two of the most critical machining operations in turntable manufacture are the bearing and any pulleys, idlers or rim drive parts.

You'll need competent machining to achieve a satisfactory runout, and no, we will not do this for you (that's why we're giving it away for our customer).

If you don’t have access to a competent machine shop this project is not for you.

Linn LP12

We’ve known Jon for over 20 years, and he’s in line for one of our new Savoie turntables.  There’s room on his shelf for only one turntable.

You can contact Jon directly at this e-mail address: ainums@spectrum.net.  Jon and I are researching what a fair price would be, and hence, the absence of an asking price at present.

Jon describes this LP12 as follows:

" Excellent+ condition – a few minor blemishes.  Original lacquer on platter in excellent condition.  Good belt.  Bearing drained and sealed.  Will wrap in brown paper."

  •     Linn Sondek LP12
  •     Valhalla power supply (single speed 33.3 rpm)
  •     Armboard drilled for Ittok
  •     Blank 6-point armboard
  •     Cirkus bearing and chassis
  •     120v/60Hz
  •     Stainless top, original Linn wood base
  •     New dust cover in bag with cloth cover
  •     New dust cover hinges
  •     New complete double box and packing
  •     Includes online setup guide

Click the thumbnail photos for a larger view:

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