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Specials – January, 2022

New items arrive on a regular basis.  Check back for updates.

Click links below, or scroll down this page to view an item of interest:

Exasound E38 DAC
Linn LP12
Myajima Premium BE Mono Cartridge
Demo Power Cables – 60% Off
Loricraft PRC-4 Record Cleaner
Gavia with mk 1.5 update
Serac Turntable

Exasound E38 DAC

This is the 8 channel DAC owned by Lynn Olson and covered by me in my blog and re-published in Positive Feedback.

Lynn has rethought his approach to DACs and is shifting back to two channel.  For the output, this DAC has 8 mini XLR connectors on the rear (no RCA output connectors). 

I have some mini XLRs in my parts bin which I’ll include for you – this, if you’re building your own cables.

Contact Lynn directly at: for both pricing and details.

Linn LP12

We’ve known Jon for over 20 years, and he’s in line for one of our new Savoie turntables.  There’s room on his shelf for only one turntable.

You can contact Jon directly at this e-mail address:  Jon and I are researching what a fair price would be, and hence, the absence of an asking price at present.

Jon describes this LP12 as follows:

Excellent+ condition – a few minor blemishes.  Original lacquer on platter in excellent condition.  Good belt.  Bearing drained and sealed.  Will wrap in brown paper.

  • Linn Sondek LP12
  • Valhalla power supply (single speed 33.3 rpm)
  • Armboard drilled for Ittok
  • Blank 6-point armboard
  • Cirkus bearing and chassis
  • 120v/60Hz
  • Stainless top, original Linn wood base
  • New dust cover in bag with cloth cover
  • New dust cover hinges
  • New complete double box and packing
  • Includes online setup guide

Click the thumbnail photos for a larger view:

Linn LP12 Linn LP12 Linn LP12Linn LP12Linn LP12Linn LP12Linn LP12Linn LP12Linn LP12Linn LP12Linn LP12Linn LP12

Myajima Premium BE (Mono): $495 (new price is $1,350)

This is our cartridge.  It has about 20-25 hours’ use.  I’ve spent more time mounting/unmounting it than actually playing it.  If you know me, you know that I’m a single tonearm fellow and this cartridge sits, under used, and under appreciated.

While not as good as the much more expensive Infinity Mono, it holds its own very nicely.

!!! Please note !!!  like the Infinity Mono (above), the Premium BE Mono is true mono.  It does not resolve vertical stylus movement and there are two important things to consider:

  • You cannot play stereo records with this cartridge.  It will ruin the record.
  • Be aware of ground loops (hum) and how to resolve them.  Some phono stages require a fairly involved solution to play back a true mono cartridge without hum.  You can read about it hereIt’s your responsibility to resolve any hum issues inerrant in this design.

Click thumbnail photos to expand:

Myajima Premium BE MonoMyajima Premium BE MonoMyajima Premium BE MonoMyajima Premium BE MonoMyajima Premium BE MonoMyajima Premium BE MonoMyajima Premium BE MonoMyajima Premium BE Mono

Demo Power Cables – Headwaters – 60% Off

Galibier Design - Headwaters Power Cable
Headwaters Power Cable

We have an assortment of lightly used Headwaters Power Cables.  Prices are 60% off retail (introductory) pricing.  

These are a few of our personal cables as well as trade-ins from customers who are upgrading to the Wind River Power Cables.

New ones are coming in on a regular basis as people trade-in/trade-up.  Contact us for lengths available.

Currently Available (November, 2020)

Color / Length / Price
  • Black – 8 feet: $355
  • Gold/Black – 7 feet: $315
  • Gold/Black – 6 feet: $275
  • Gold/Black – 4 feet:  $195
  • Green/Black – 3′ 10″ (one of my personal cables):  $195
  • Black – 3 feet: $175
  • Gold/Black – 3 feet: $175
  • Gold/Black – 6 feet: $275 (20 amp IEC connector)
  • Gold/Black – 4 feet: $195 (20 amp IEC connector)

Loricraft PRC-4 Record Cleaner – $1,650

Photo and details coming soon.   Our customer is upgrading to an Audiodesk.  He likes one-step, hands-off cleaning.  I can’t say that I blame him.

Having said that, the cleaned output from these machines is great, and people who collect particularly “grungy” records tend to favor a mechanical cleaning step before cleaning in their tank. 

We’ve had great results with both the two-step (plus distilled water rinse) Audio Intelligent solutions as well as the one-step plus rinse L’art du Son system. 

Contact us and we’ll put you in touch with the owner.

Mark 1.5 Gavia –  $$$ Sold $$$

Galibier Design - Gavia Mk 1.5
Our new, matte silver finish

This is a placeholder ad.  None are currently available.

It’s the rare individual who “requires” an upgrade from a Gavia to a Stelvio turntable, and on average, we’ll see perhaps one Gavia come our way in a calendar year.

Contact us to get on the waiting list.

The two Gavias shown here are examples of re-maufactured turntables we’ve received in trade.

The re-manufacturing process includes conversion to Mk 1.5 status which brings their performance up to that of our Mk-II turntables.

Here are the details:

Galibier Design - Gavia 1.5 Turntable
custom finished in Porsche platinum gray metallic
  • We fit our new, 2019 drive system.
  • We re-machine the base to accommodate our Mk 1.5 armboards.
  • All chassis components are given our either our new “default” finish (anodized, matte silver) or optional Stelvio custom colors.
  • The bearing is rebuilt.  This is primarily to bring the turntable to current specification.  In 2019, we changed to a ceramic bearing, and we decided that and every turntable that passes through us, will receive this upgrade.  Our original bearings have stood the test of time, but the ceramic ones are even more robust.
  • If the platter is from an earlier generation, it is rebuilt to current standard, with a carbon fiber top plate.
  • In other words, all moving parts are new and the chassis components (base, motor pod, front pillar) are refinished to new condition.
  • Your re-manufactured Gavia is functionally and sonically identical to the Mark-II Gavia, with the only limitation being that only one tonearm can be mounted.

Serac Turntable $$$ Sold $$$

Galibier Design - Serac Turntable
Serac – standard gloss black

This is a placeholder ad.  Currently, none are available. 

These are  becoming more rare with the passage of time.

We still however, occasionally receive trade-ins of matched Serac platters and bearings.

These matched platters and bearings come in from Gavia owners who are upgrading to a composite platter.  At one point, Gavias were offered with a choice of either a Serac or a Gavia platter.

Since we have a few remaining Serac bases in storage, we can build a hybrid Serac for you.

These Seracs can be thought of as a Gavia Mk 1.5swith the substitution of a Serac Base, a Serac platter and the baseline, Astron power supply (all of which are upgradable in the future).

Here’s a breakdown of the Serac re-issue:

  • A new Serac base is modified to accommodate the Mk 1.5 armboard architecture, and painted.
  • The turntable has a traded in Serac platter
  • The traded in bearing is rebuilt, and upgraded with our new, ceramic thrust ball.  Our original bearings have stood the test of time, but the ceramic ones are even more robust.  This is the identical bearing to our Gavia and Stelvio turntables.
  • A Mk 1.5, sliding (not pivoting) armboard is drilled for your tonearm.  We have a few Mk-I armboards on hand.  Inquire about these if you’re interested.
  • A front pillar is supplied.  This protects the cantilever from damage.  It’s the same pillar you see on our Mk II turntables.
  • A new, more massive Gavia motor pod is supplied.
  • A new drive system is supplied – the same drive system in our Gavia and Stelvio Mk-II turntables.
  • The Astron RS 7A power supply is included, although we strongly recommend upgrading to a Teddy Pardo supply.

The photo is of a previous build with the Mk-I armboard archtecture.

Serac Background

The Serac may be our greatest technical achievement and biggest commercial flop.  We put all of our r&d into performance, and compromised on cosmetics to deliver it at its price point.

In retrospect, we realized that the market preferred a bit more cosmetics, but we could  have never delivered so much sound at this price point if we had done so.

Put this into perspective:  our customers currently pay $1,295 to upgrade to this drive system – the same one we specify for our 5-figure Stelvio and Gavia turntables – a drive system which competes against cost no object turntables.

For a relatively small price difference, you’re getting an entire turntable with the same bearing and drive system we specify for the Gavia and Stelvio turntables.