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Motor Drive Servicing

Your Galibier drive system was designed for years of trouble-free operation.  Since the advent of circuit boards in 2003, the power umbilical unplugs from the circuit board for ease of separation from the motor pod.

In the unlikely event that your drive system requires servicing, the 5 minute procedure documented below shows you how separate the top plate/circuit board assembly from your motor pod for shipping to Galibier.

Click the photos for expanded views.

Step-1 – Separate the Top Plate from the Motor Pod:

Galibier Design - Controller ServicingUnscrew the 8 screws along the perimeter of the top plate and lift the top plate.


Step-2 – Production Boards: Rev 1.02 (03/04/2014)

Galibier Design - Controller ServicingShown here is 2014 production board. You will see “Rev 1.02 (03/04/2014)” silk-screened on the board.  Scroll to the bottom of this page for earlier versions (Rev 1.00 & 1.01).

Hold the top plate in one hand and unplug the power supply wires by pulling the plug in the direction shown in the photo.

Pull the plug horizontally (in the direction shown by the arrow) as you would unplug a power wire from a wall socket.


You do not need to pinch or squeeze the plug in order to remove it.

The next photo on this page shows the plug assembly after it has been separated from the board.

The board shown in the photo is the 2014 revision after the 2018 update has been performed.



YoGalibier Design - Controller Servicingur top plate/circuit board assembly is now separated from the motor pod and is ready for packing and shipping.

Pack it well (lots of bubble-wrap), box it up and ship it to us.

To re-install, reverse the above two steps.




Beta Unit & Early Production Notes – Rev 1.00 & Rev 1.01:

Galibier Design - Controller ServicingRev 1.00 (10/07/2013):

There are 10 of these “beta” versions in the field.  They have a single toggle switch on the top plate – no push switches.

Rev 1.01: 

These early production boards are designated as “Rev 1.01”.  These are the first boards where the toggle switch was replaced with two push switches on the top plate (same switches as Rev 1.02).

Both 1.00 and 1.01 versions have “vertical” header blocks (the green, female section of the power plug).  Some of these header blocks connected to the circuit board via wires (“pigtails”) as shown in the photo.

Method-1:  If  the green header block is connected to the circuit board via wires (“pigtails”) as shown in the photo, pull the two plug halves “apart”.  These pigtails were added to some earlier controllers in order to provide height clearance in earlier motor pods which had shallow cavities.

Method-2:  If the green header block is soldered directly to the circuit board (no wires), unplug it by pulling the male part of the plug upwards (away from the circuit board).