Turntables by Galibier, Feickert, and Kuzma

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Drive System Upgrades are Back!

Upgrade your non-Galibier turntable to Stelvio-drive.  Click the photo of the motor pod.

Galbier Turntable Features and FAQs

Feickert and Kuzma

What's a turntable manufacturer doing - selling competitors' products?


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Why the cotton sleeving?

Because polyester and nylon are so yesterday.   Click these photos to learn why.

On Cabling Your System

NiWatt 300B

This is not your grandfather’s 300B. 

We’ve pulled out all of the stops, including four independent power supplies per channel, a copper subchassis, a unique choice of rectifiers, and a signal path with only 5 inches of wire.

The NiWatt has the grace of a 45 with the authority of an 845 amplifier.

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Galibier Design - NiWatt 3D Rendering

On-Site Setup

Galibier Design Setup Tools - Microscope

Please refer to our  COVID statement for current updates on travel and customer interaction restrictions.

After our two day installation and mentoring session, you'll become a setup expert.  Teach a man to fish, and all that.

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Turntable Parts

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