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Galibier Design - Stelvio II
Stelvio Mk-II
Galibier Design - Gavia II
Gavia Mk-II
Galibier Design - SavoieThumbnail
Galibier Design - Armboard
Galibier Design - Calibrating a Drive Pulley
Upgrade Your Drive System

Turntables by Kuzma

Galibier Design - Kuzma Stabi R Turntable
(click to view Kuzma)

How odd for a turntable manufacturer to offer a product from another company. Click here (or the photo), to read more.

Drive system retrofits are back !!!

Galibier Design - Calibrating a Drive Pulley
(click for more on drive upgrades)

Upgrade your Platine Verdier, Redpoint, or other manfacturer’s turntable to a full, Stelvio class drive system. Click here or either of the photos above for details.

COVID-19 update – Winter, 2021/2022:

We have temporarily suspended all travel and customer visits. We continue to monitor the “opening” of the country and as of January, 2022 our showroom remains closed. Contact us for current status.  We documented one such setup in this blog post.

For those of you who are about to receive delivery of your Galibier, we’ll work with you to re-schedule your setup visit or alternatively discuss a credit with you. We’re also working on a remote learning system to guide you through getting the best from your Galibier.

Thanks for working with us to limit the spread of this virus. We can do this if we work together!

Galibier Design - NiWatt 3D Rendering
Click photo to visit the NiWatt page

The NiWatt 300B amplifier is an expression of everything we’ve learned about amplification.  Extraordinary attention was paid to circuit layout and power supply design.

This is a single ended, 300B amplifier with the delicacy of a 45 and the authority of an 845.

Visit the NiWatt page (click here or click the photo) for details on complimentary cables and travel rebates for visiting Galibier to audition.

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Galibier Design - Kuzma 4 Point Tonearm
Galibier Design - Schröder CB Tonearm
Galibier Design - Durand Tonearm
Galibier Design - Ikeda IT-345 Thumbnail
Galibier Design - Tri-Planar Tonearms
Galibier Design - Dynavector DV507 Tonearm
Galibier Design - Jelco Tonearm


Problematic tonearm mount?
Who told you that you can’t mount that arm to your turntable?

You found the right tonearm.  Did you find the right dealer?  We specialize in difficult mounts and challenging implementations.

With 20 years’ design experience, we have you covered. Click here for one story of a particularly challenging tonearm mount.

Our machinists are ISO-9000 certified and work in aerospace, but sometimes, you need to think out of the box.  Here’s one of those stories.

What’s Best For Me?

Everyone is different.  Contact us to discuss the tonearm which will work best for you, and check this blog post on selecting a tonearm for our take on the subject.

About Jelco and Ortofon

We are reserving our remaining stock of Jelco SA-250 tonearms we manufactured under the Artisan Audio label for release with our upcoming Savoie turntable.

We removed Ortofon from this page, since they have ceased sale of tonearms and removed all documentation from their website.  Their tonearms were OEM’d (manufactured for them) by Jelco.

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Galibier Design - Kuzma CAR-60 Cartridge
View Kuzma
Galibier Design - Lyra Cartridge
View Lyra
Galibier Design - Dynavector Cartridge
View Dynavector
Galibier Design - Ortofon A95 Cartridge
View Ortofon
Galibier Design - Van den Hul
View Van den Hul
Galibier Design - Koetsu Cartridge
View Koetsu
Galibier Design - Ikeda 9Gss Transparent Thumbnail
View Ikeda

Complimentary on-site setup for many tonearm and cartridge combinations.

Refer to the “Pricing” tab on our setup page for details.

Selecting the right cartridge for you:

Quite a bit goes into this. Some comments on an audio forum inspired this blog post which covers some things we think are overlooked.  Click here to read that post.

The short story on cartridge selection:
    • Don’t expect a cartridge to solve issues with your turntable and tonearm.  As we’ve refined the design of our drive systems over the past 20 years, distortions we previously ascribed to cartridges and tonearms suddenly vanished.
    • The hierarchy of getting the turntable right, then the tonearm, and finally the cartridge holds true.  A cartridge is a “measuring device” and without a solid platform (turntable and tonearm) it can’t “measure” the information in record groove accurately.
    • Create a short-list of cartridges whose compliance is compatible with your tonearm’s effective mass and energy dissipation characteristics.  These are only numbers, and there are exceptions which work well in combination.  Talk to us.
    • Select the cartridge from this short list which compliments the tonal balance of your system.
    • If you also run a digital setup, try to not “favor” your analog system if at all possible.  In the short term, you can “warm up” your system with (for example) a Koetsu cartridge, but in the long term, it pays to voice your system so you can still enjoy your digital setup.

Contact us to discuss the best match for you and your system, as well as for cartridges not listed.

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Galibier Design - Interconnect
Galibier Design - Speaker Cable
Galibier Design - Power Cable
Galibier Design - Tonearm Cable
Galibier Design - Power Cable

Key features and benefits:
    • Vivid tone colors that  come alive
    • Startling dynamics due to low energy storage (low capacitance)
    • Stress-free listening – extended treble with no glare or “etching”
    • Ease of handling – aren’t you tired of stiff, unmanageable cables?
    • 60 minute break-in – virtually no dielectric in their construction

Our interconnects and speaker cables are steeped in Western Electric design principles. We design for ultra low capacitance and we use cotton sleeving in of place polyester braid. There is no Teflon in any of our cables.

Our interconnects and speaker cables have an unconventional appearance. The audiophile world has grown accustomed to “garden hose” sized cables, which we consider to be the antithesis of good design.

The word is beginning to get out, and here’s what one owner had to say. Early adopters will be rewarded with world-class cables at introductory pricing.

For an in-depth discussion of our design approach, click the “Technical” thumbnail.

Our promise to you …

All of our cable s come with a 30-day, money back guarantee (you pay return shipping).

Also, for one year from date of purchase, we will apply a discount equal to the full price paid for up to three cables toward the purchase of a Galibier turntable or NiWatt amplifier. Refer to the individual product pages for details.

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Galibier Design - Audiodesk
Galibier Design - Ikeda IST-201 Step-up Transformer
Ikeda IST-201 Step-up
Galibier Design - Feickert Protractor
Feickert Tools
Galibier Design - Belt Experiment
Drive Belts
Galibier Design - Teddy Pardo Power Supply
Power Supplies
Galibier Design - ETI Kryo XLR
ETI Connectors
Furutech Products

Galibier Design Setup Tools - Microscope
Click photo to visit our setup page

All new Galibier turntables as well as many cartridges and tonearms delivered to the Continental US and parts of Canada receive a complimentary on-site setup.

Click here (or click photo) to visit our setup page for services and rates associated with purchases of tonearms, cartridges, other turntables, etc.

Corona virus update – Winter 2021/2022:

We’re temporarily suspending all travel and customer visits. Additionally, we’re monitoring the “opening” of the country, and as of November, 2020, our showroom remains closed.  Contact us for current status.

In response to this, we have refined our remote setup techniques.  While this can never fully replace our on-site mentoring and setup service, we’ve had great success, depending on the tonearm.  We documented one such setup in this blog post.

For those of you who are about to receive delivery of your Galibier, we’ll work with you to re-schedule your setup visit or alternatively discuss a remote setup/partial credit with you.  Also, stay tuned for our YouTube channel which will further support your installation.

Thanks for working with us to limit the spread of this virus. We can do this if we work together!

Lastly, if you subscribe to our mailing list, we’ll send you a download link to a setup report we recently produced for a customer.  This is an actual report we sent to a customer, complete with over 30 pages of setup tips, charts, microscope photos, and more.  Click here to subscribe.