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The links in the sidebar are divided between Galibier-specific items, and general setup guides.

All of the links below are general in nature and all links open in a new window.

Setup Tools


The standard in arc style cartridge alignment protractors and other analog accessories.The Mint LP protractor is our alignment tool of choice. Yip has our record spindle diameter on file.

Turntable Basics

Purveyors of a reasonably priced cartridge alignment protractor. This is the best of the currently available two point protractors we’ve found. Order the standard spindle hole size (.282) version for Galibier turntables.

Cartridge Retipping


Hopefully, you’ll need their services later rather than sooner, but we’ve heard both Peter Ledderman’s strain cartridge, some of his newer work,  as well as his incredible rework of a Benz LP, and we give his work our highest recommendation.

Resources and Free Stuff

Free Strobe Disk from Sheldon Stokes (PDF download)

Free stuff from Enjoy the Music

Cartridge protractor, and a spreadsheet to calculate both Baerwald and Loefgren “B” alignment for pivoting tonearms.

The Vinyl Engine

An excellent source for arm and cartridge manuals

Arm and Cartridge Setup Resources

We recommend clicking the sidebar link to Andre’s method as it sets the gold standard, and if you read one guide,it should be that.  The links below are informative however, and we have left them in place as a resource for you

Turntable System Setup by Laura Dearborn

Beginner’s Guide to Cartridge Setup by Andrew Chasin

Setting Up Your FIRST Cartridge by Thorsten Loesch

Tweaking your Record-Player by J. Gordon Holt, July 1990

Never in his wildest dreams could he imagine how many choices there would be in analog a decade after this article was published.

Understanding The Issues Behind Cartridge Alignment by Gary Markowitz