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The “Telecaster” of Tonearms

I’m a guitar player (both acoustic and electric), and my Martin D-28 Herringbone keeps company with several Telecasters.

Much of the Tele’s appeal has to do with its simplicity, and this parallels the tonearms I gravitate to.

Quite simply, the Telecaster gets the job done across a wide range of  musical genres – from country to rock, to jazz and all shades in between.

Versatility is what I want out of a tonearm and a guitar …

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Remembering John Cipollina

Galibier Design - John Cipollina Amp Stack
Courtesy of John Cipollina Tribute Website

History has pretty much forgotten both Quicksilver Messenger Service and John Cipollina, slotting them into the second tier of San Francisco bands along with Big Brother, Country Joe and the Fish, etc.

The two YouTube clips below, capture both Cipollina and Quicksilver’s raw energy, and it’s my humble opinion that they belong in the pantheon of late 60’s San Fransisco bands, along with the Airplane and the Dead.

There’s only one Quicksilver …

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Feickert Protractor Tip

Galibier Design - Feickert Protractor with Jelco Tonearm
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The photo of the Feickert may lead you to believe that I’m clueless as to it’s use, but rest assured, there’s a method to my madness. 

I’m a big fan of arc protractors in general, and the Mint LP in particular, but I’ve come to rely on the Feickert protractor for both quick and easy setting of pivot to spindle distance as well as for its universality.

Some tonearms will challenge you, irrespective of your chosen tool however …

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