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Two Books and a Few Business Cards

A three city setup tour and some tonearm setup tricks of the trade …

Last week, I finished a setup tour, covering Chicago, Bethesda and Dallas. I played with some very fine systems which included two Durand arms (Telos and Kairos), two Schroeder CBs, and an Abis 1.2.


The system shown here is the Dallas system – a Stelvio II with a Durand Kairos and Abis 1.2 tonearms.

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We Won’t Get Fooled Again

How many cable lifters does it take to “fix” a bad amplifier?

By the time people come to Galibier, they’ve been ’round and ’round the high end audio game.  Many are on the verge of checking out of this wonderful hobby.

This snip from The Marx Brothers’ movie “A Day at the Races” sums up how many of them feel by the time they reach out to us for advice. Read more …

Audio Design, Guitars, and Retail Therapy

All too frequently, succumbing to “retail therapy” is a sign that something else is wrong.  This behavior can creep into every area of our lives – not just our role as audio consumer.

This can spill over into audio design as well, as the designer tries to either spend his way out of a design problem or alternatively adopt either an overly complex approach or brute force to solve a problem.

These tendencies stem from a “more is better” mindset and we need to be mindful of this.

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