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What’s With all of the Bad Demo Music?

The poor selection of demo music in the majority of the rooms at audio shows has always been a sore point with me and my circle of associates.  There are many pleasant exceptions, but for the most part, the music in play is something I’d never sit through at a friend’s house.  Apart from heavy metal and demo music, I can sit through most anything.  There are both innocent and nefarious reasons for playing such simple music, and the show attendee needs to be especially aware of the nefarious reasons.

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Development of the NiWatt – Part 1


During the final review of the NiWatt drawings for the first production chassis run, we revisited all of our assumptions.

This prompted a retrospective and we’re going to document our approach from initial design concept on through production in a multi-part series.  This first installment will read very much like a design manifesto.

In retrospect, the difficult choices weren’t so hard after all, and they eliminated conflicting requirements which can be a recipe for a compromised product.  A design can’t be all things to all people.

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Eiger Noise Floor Experiments

I couldn’t let this sit.  Two days ago I reported the following:

Frankly, I love the Eiger exactly as it sits, but I know that there are those who might miss out on its charms due to focusing on its noise floor performance. I get it – that there are idler drive fans and belt drive fans and you pick the combination of strengths and weaknesses that are most meaningful to you. My intent is to make this choice a difficult one – to close the gap between the two architectures.

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What are we hearing?

Here’s the scenario:  you and your audio buddy are at an audio show or a hi-fi shop (the latter growing increasingly rare).

Both of you are musicians and respect each other’s “listening skills” and both of you have radically different tastes in playback equipment.  The first system you listen to (low power triode amplifiers and horns) inspires you while leaving your buddy thoroughly nonplussed.  Another system (let’s say, solid state amplification and box speakers) has the opposite effect on the two of you.

What are we to think of either system?

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