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Galibier Design - Triplanar Top View of Bearing

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Herb Papier’s brainchild lives on today, under the caring stewardship of Tri Mai in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Tri-Planar embraces the philosophy we espouse here at Galibier – well conceived, stable, mature designs which undergo evolutionary, continual process improvement. 

Much of the Tri-Planar’s improvements over the years are internal, and not plainly visible.

Galibier Design - Tri-Planar U-12 Tonearm

Tri-Planar U-12 Tonearm

Tri-Planars are one of the easiest tonearms to set up precisely and this should not be underestimated when selecting a Tonearm.

Tri-Planars come in 3 versions:

  • Mk VII U2 ‘Classic’ (250 mm effective length):  composite arm wand and copper wiring
  • U2 SE (250 mm effective length): carbon fiber arm wand and silver wiring
  • U12 (308mm effective length): carbon fiber arm wand and silver wiring

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