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Cartridges by Ortofon

Galibier Design - Ortofon A95 and SPU Cartridges
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Ortofon moves forward into the 21st Century without forgetting their past.

Their line is split into modern cartridges (Anna, A95, Windfeld Ti, Cadenza, etc.) and the mythical SPU line.

If you have a significant collection of 1950’s stereo or mono records, you can’t beat an SPU!  “Naked” versions of the SPU (without an integreated headshell) are available for compatibility with fixed-headshell tonearms.

Whether you have a tonearm with a fixed or removable headshell, the SPUs are best matched with high mass tonearms, due to their low compliance and high tracking force requirements.  You don’t have to break the bank for your second rig, and a 12″ Jelco arm (whether Jelco branded or Ortofon branded) is a great match for the SPUs (especially with our interconnect).

With respect to a second arm/cartridge combination, we’re moving toward stereo cartridges over mono – not because mono records played through a mono cartridge can’t be magical (they most certainly can be) but because a stereo cartridge provides access to mono records, early issue stereo records as well as to those “modern” stereo records you previously considered to be unplayable.