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Cartridges We Carry

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Galibier Design - Kuzma CAR-60 Cartridge
View Kuzma
Galibier Design - Lyra Cartridge
View Lyra
Galibier Design - Dynavector Cartridge
View Dynavector
Galibier Design - Ortofon A95 Cartridge
View Ortofon
Galibier Design - Van den Hul
View Van den Hul
Galibier Design - Koetsu Cartridge
View Koetsu
Galibier Design - Ikeda 9Gss Transparent Thumbnail
View Ikeda

Complimentary on-site setup for many tonearm and cartridge combinations.

Refer to the “Pricing” tab on our setup page for details.

Selecting the right cartridge for you:

Quite a bit goes into this. Some comments on an audio forum inspired this blog post which covers some things we think are overlooked. Click here to read that post.

The short story on cartridge selection:
    • Don’t expect a cartridge to solve issues with your turntable and tonearm. As we’ve refined the design of our drive systems over the past 20 years, distortions we previously ascribed to cartridges and tonearms suddenly vanished.
    • The hierarchy of getting the turntable right, then the tonearm, and finally the cartridge holds true. A cartridge is a “measuring device” and without a solid platform (turntable and tonearm) it can’t “measure” the information in record groove accurately.
    • Create a short-list of cartridges whose compliance is compatible with your tonearm’s effective mass and energy dissipation characteristics. These are only numbers, and there are exceptions which work well in combination. Talk to us.
    • Select the cartridge from this short list which compliments the tonal balance of your system.
    • If you also run a digital setup, try to not “favor” your analog system if at all possible. In the short term, you can “warm up” your system with (for example) a Koetsu cartridge, but in the long term, it pays to voice your system so you can still enjoy your digital setup.

Contact us to discuss the best match for you and your system, as well as for cartridges not listed.