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Line Level – Spring Creek

Galibier Design - Spring Creek Interconnect
Spring Creek Interconnect with ETI Kryo RCAs

Development of the NiWatt amplifiers exposed the flaws in our current cabling.  This theme runs through all of our cable products.  

The NiWatts showed us how unsuitable many materials are for audio, not the least of which is Teflon.

The near ubiquitous use of Teflon in mainstream audio, combined with our experience with ETI connectors mandated that we develop our own interconnects, and the result is the Spring Creek. 

We think you’ll find these cables to be a breath of fresh air.  Contact us for details about no-risk demos.

Galibier Design - ETI Kryo_RCA Plugs
  • Copper litz wire
  • ETI Kryo Low Mass Connectors (RCA or XLR/balanced)
  • Cotton sleeving for ideal dielectric behavior
  • Shielded cables have a braided copper shield
  • Click the “Technical” link (thumbnail, below) for more  details
    • Effective Wire Gauge: 24.5
    • Maximum length: 5 feet / 1.5m
    • Capacitance – RCA (shielded & unshielded): 17pF / foot
    • Capacitance – XLR: 17pF / foot (positive to negative)
    • Capacitance – XLR: 26pF / foot (positive to shield & negative to shield)
Introductory Pricing (all lengths up to 5 feet / 1.5m):
    • RCA (shielded & unshielded):  $895
    • XLR (Balanced and Shielded):  $995
Galibier Design - ETI Kryo_XLR Plugs
Application Notes

In most cases, we recommend the unshielded version (lower capacitance).  Step-up transformer to phono stage is one key exception (see below).

Conversion Cables Available

Balanced to unbalanced conversions:  applications where a balanced device is connected to an unbalanced device.

Step-up Transformer to Phono Stage

For this application, we recommend shielding.

This cable should be as short as is practical and as low capacitance as possible.  Our cables have a capacitance of 17pF/foot.  We typically build this cable in an 18 inch (50cm) length.

The reason length is important in this position is because a step-up transformer multiplies the cable’s effective capacitance by 100 (this is for a 1:10 step-up transformer).  In other words, a one foot interconnect in this position has the effective capacitance of a 100 foot interconnect!

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