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Galibier Design - Tonearm InterconnectOur initial offering is an as yet to be named tonearm interconnect. 

Construction is copper litz and it utilizes KLE/Eichman Bullet Connectors (RCA) and Cardas 5-pin DIN connector.

Interconnects and speaker cables are also available (photos and details to follow).

We discuss our cable design philosophy in this blog post.

It’s a minimalist design which has almost zero break-in.

The balanced version replaces the Bullet Connectors with Neutrik XLRs.

Galibier Design - Bullet PlugsWe provide this tonearm interconnect at no cost with the Durand Kairos, and we encourage you to compare it with the very best.

Interconnect Pricing (all lengths are the same price):

  • Tonearm IC (48″):  $795
  • Unshielded IC: $695
  • Shielded IC: $795

Add $100 for balanced/XLR termination.

Pricing is the same for any length up to the maximum of 60″, but we don’t recommend longer than 48″ for phono cables.

We cannot build cables longer than 60″ due to the intricate construction process.

Interconnect Specifications:

  • Capacitance:  17pf per foot
  • Effective Wire Gauge: 24

Speaker Cables

The cables are an effective 12 gauge and are very flexible and easy to route around your equipment.

Pricing to follow.  Pricing is by length and termination type.  Maximum length is 20 feet.