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Galibier Design - Bullet PlugsAll of our cables are named after rivers in the US West. 

Our interconnects are minimalist designs which follow Western Electric design principles:  ultra low capacitance and minimal use of plastic.  We use cotton sleeving in place of Teflon. 

For some background on our design philosophy, check this blog post.

Garden hose designs are the antithesis of good design.  This isn’t about audio jewelry and quality isn’t measured by the mass of the cable but by musical engagement.

30 Minute Break-in

By the time your system is warmed up, your signal cables are broken in!  This is just one of the benefits of our minimalist design.

We have a word for components with long break-in periods:  unstable.  You’ll never hear us telling you to wait for 400 hours to break in your interconnects or speaker cables.

Your power cables are burned in at the factory for 72 hours and require no further break-in by you to reach full performance.

A word about capacitance …

The professional audio world knows the importance of low capacitance cables, but it’s generally glossed over in most manufacturers’ specifications.

Of course, capacitance this is only part of the story.  Low capacitance doesn’t guarantee good sound, but high capacitance is most certainly its enemy.

Out with Teflon

In our experiments with Teflon sleeving (very low capacitance), comments from our listening panel included words like:  “sanitized”, “threadbare”, and “uninvolving”.  One individual commented that the presentation reminded them of an over-damped listening room. 

They made similar comments during development of the NiWatt amplifier.  Teflon coupling capacitors strangled the amplifiers and stole the music.

This is why we use cotton sleeving in place of Teflon in our interconnects. 

Trust your ears

At the end of the day, leave the worrying to us and enjoy the music.  No one can tell you what’s right, and the proof is in the listening.

Contact us to arrange a no-risk demo.

Clear Creek – Tonearm Interconnect

Galibier Design - Tonearm InterconnectA 5-pin DIN connector at one end with either RCA  (unbalanced) or XLR (balanced) connectors to link your tonearm to your step-up transformer, phono stage, or preamp.

The Clear Creek takes the same minimalist approach as our Spring Creek interconnects.


  • Copper litz wire
  • KLE/Eichman Bullet Connectors (RCA) or Neutrik (XLR/balanced)
  • Cardas 5-pin DIN connector
  • Internal cotton sleeving for ideal capacitive behavior
  • Braided copper shield


  • Capacitance:  17pf per foot
  • Effective Wire Gauge:  24
  • Maximum (standard) length:  4 feet / 1.2m


  • RCA termination: $795
  • XLR (balanced) termination: $995

Spring Creek – Line Level Interconnect

Galibier Design - Bullet PlugsIn most cases, we recommend the unshielded version (lower capacitance). 

One exception is the link from a step-up transformer to a phono stage where shielding is a necessary compromise.  Scroll down to learn more about this application.


  • Copper litz wire
  • KLE/Eichman Bullet Connectors (RCA) or Neutrik (XLR/balanced)
  • Internal cotton sleeving for ideal capacitive behavior
  • Shielded cables have a braided copper shield


  • Capacitance:  17pf per foot
  • Effective Wire Gauge: 24
  • Maximum length: 5 feet / 1.5m

Pricing (all lengths up to 5 feet / 1.5m):

  • Unshielded RCA (unbalanced):  $695
  • Shielded RCA (unbalanced):  $795
  • Shielded & Balanced (XLR):  $895

Ask us about conversion cables (balanced to unbalanced & the reverse).

Special applications – from step-up transformer to phono stage

The short story here is to keep this cable as short as is practical and use low capacitance cable.  Shielding is generally unavoidable for this application.

A step-up transformer multiplies the cable’s effective capacitance by 100 (this is for a 1:10 step-up transformer).  In other words, a one foot interconnect in this position has the effective capacitance of a 100 foot interconnect!

Wind River – Speaker Cable

These speaker cables are an effective 12 gauge and are very flexible and easy to route around your equipment.


  • 12 gauge, comprised of 16 strands of our copper litz wire
  • Spade lug or banana plug termination per your specification

Pricing for spade lug termination (coming soon):

  • 4 feet:
  • 6 feet:
  • 8 feet:
  • 12 feet:
  • 16 feet:
  • 20 feet:

Inquire about pricing for spade lugs (as well as your preferred brand).

Fall River – Power Cable

Galibier Design - Power Cord Braid Covering

During development of the NiWatt amplifiers, we auditioned numerous power cables and none of them seemed right. 

It once again became obvious that we could more quickly develop our own, rather than endure endless auditions of other manufacturers’ products. 

In the Summer of 2018, we went through some two dozen iterations, and settled on a formula.  We sourced a manufacturer in the Fall of 2018, and we now have a cable deserving of the Galibier name.

Every pair of NiWatt amplifiers sold will be delivered with a pair of these cables.  The NiWatts deserve nothing less. 

We encourage you to compare these against cost no object cables.  These cables are honestly priced with a money-back guarantee.  We could easily charge 5 times their selling price, but that’s not how we roll here at Galibier. 

Talk to us about a no-risk demo.


  • 12 gauge, UL 1062 certified, PVC jacketed cable
  • Schurter IEC connector with soldered termination
  • Pass & Seymour wall plug

About the connectors:

We’ve auditioned all of the popular audiophile connectors and settled on the ones above.

If you insist on Furtech (or any other brand) connectors we’ll build them for you for a surcharge, but we will not guarantee the results.  Change the specification and this becomes your design (with no money-back guarantee).  See below for pricing. 

We encourage you to audition the cables as specified by us.  You won’t be disappointed.


It may seem trivial, but we’ve found that when working around complex rigs, color coding your cables can help you navigate the “rat’s nest” behind your rack.

We’ll get photos up soon, but the stock jacket photos above show the available color options.


  • 4 feet: $425
  • 6 feet: $475
  • 8 feet: $525
  • 10 feet: $575

Note:  Add $225 to above prices or Furtech FI-28 / FI-28M Gold, and $275 for Rhodium version.  Other models are also available.