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Galibier Design - Bullet PlugsWe discuss our cable design philosophy in this blog post.

All of our interconnects are minimalist designs (ultra low capacitance with almost no dielectic)  which require a 30 minute break-in.

We have a word for components with long break-in periods:  unstable.

A word about capacitance …

How many cable manufacturers will tell you the capacitance of their cables?  This is one of many critical specifications in a high-performing cable.  The professional audio world knows about this, but it’s largely glossed over in most manufacturers’ specifications.

We’ve recently received quite a few questions regarding difficulties with interconnects between step-up transformers & phono stages.

Most are unaware that capacitance in this position is critical.

The step-up transformer multiplies the cable’s effective capacitance by 100 (for a 1:10 step-up transformer).  A one foot interconnect in this position has the effective capacitance of a 100 foot interconnect!

Capacitive cables are problematic everywhere, but especially in your tonearm cable and the cable between a step-up transformer and phono stage.  Keep them short and low in capacitance.

Tonearm Interconnect:

Galibier Design - Tonearm InterconnectOur shielded tonearm interconnect awaits a name.


  • Copper litz wire
  • KLE/Eichman Bullet Connectors (RCA) or Neutrik (XLR/balanced)
  • Cardas 5-pin DIN connector
  • Braided copper shield


  • Capacitance:  17pf per foot
  • Effective Wire Gauge: 24
  • Length: 48″ maximum


  • RCA termination: $795
  • XLR (balanced) termination: $895

Line Level Interconnect

Galibier Design - Bullet Plugs
Our line level interconnect also awaits a name.

In most cases, we recommend the unshielded version (lower capacitance).

For cables running from a step-up transformer to phono stage, we recommend the shielded version in a short length.  Capacitance between a step-up transformer and phono stage is critical and keeping the cable short serves this goal.


  • Copper litz wire
  • KLE/Eichman Bullet Connectors (RCA) or Neutrik (XLR/balanced)
  • Shielded cables have a braided copper shield


  • Capacitance:  17pf per foot
  • Effective Wire Gauge: 24
  • Maximum length: 60″

Pricing (all lengths):

  • Unshielded RCA (unbalanced): $695
  • Shielded RCA (unbalanced): $795
  • Balanced (XLR): add $100 to above

Speaker Cables

Another product waiting for a name.

The cables are an effective 12 gauge and are very flexible and easy to route around your equipment.


  • 12 gauge, comprised of 16 strands of copper litz wire
  • Spade lug or banana plug termination per your specification

Pricing for spade lug termination (coming soon):

  • 4 feet:
  • 6 feet:
  • 8 feet:
  • 12 feet:
  • 16 feet:
  • 20 feet:

Inquire about pricing for spade lugs (as well as your preferred brand).

Power Cables

Galibier Design - Power Cord Braid Covering

We’re very proud of these cables and will be providing a pair with each NiWatt amplifier we sell.

Like all of our cables, we encourage you to compare against cost no object cables.  We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


  • 12 gauge, UL 1062 certified, PVC jacketed cable
  • Schurter IEC connector with soldered termination
  • Pass & Seymour wall plug

During auditioning, we went through the approved audiophile “name brand” connectors and we kept coming back to the Schurter and Pass & Seymour plugs.


It may seem trivial, but we’ve found that when working around complex rigs, color coding your cables can help you navigate the “mess” behind your rack.

We’ll be getting photos up soon, and we’ll be offering the cables with several color options.


  • 4 feet: $375
  • 6 feet: $425
  • 8 feet: $475
  • 10 feet: $525