Arm Mounting Architecture

Galibier Design - Mk-II Turntable Armboard

Mark-II - Arm Architecture

The vibration story doesn’t end with designs of our bases.  After 10 years of development and refinement, we have taken the pivoting armboard architecture to its logical end point.

With the debut of the Mark II Stelvio and Gavia, you’ll find arm mounts on sliding tracks with micro, fine-adjust pivot to spindle capability.

All Galiber models employ this identical sliding architecture with its fine, repeatable adjustment for pivot to spindle distance over a 1/2″ (12.7mm) range.

Sonic benefits:

This is significant upgrade to our Mark I pivoting armboards.  

There is an improvement in solidity and with an authority to the presentation.  Bandwidth in both the lower and upper registers is extended.

Adjustment Precision:

In a world of high performing cartridges, where .002″ overhang error is audible, we consider achieving this level of adjustment precision to be mandatory.

To accomplish this, the pivot to spindle distance employs two Vernier adjusting screws with a 32 TPI pitch (one turn covers .031″ – .79mm).

Since our armboards are precision machined, you might assume that this is unnecessary.  The problem lies in the fact that many tonearms have some intentional "play" in their mounting holes - this, to allow for repositioning due to imprecise drilling.  

Galibier Design- Mark II Pivot to Spindle Fine Adjustment

Pivot to Spindle Fine Adjustment

This intentional play means that precise positioning must be performed, irrespective of how accurately the armboard was drilled.

Rather than depend on this "hit and miss" means of adjusting by loosening and tightening the mounting screws, the two, Vernier adjustment screws provide a means of precisely setting this parameter.

A secondary benefit of this 1/2" track adjustment is that it simplifies experimentation with varying tonearm alignment geometries (we're big fans of Baerwaald).

Dual Tonearm

Capable of mounting two, 12" (310mm) tonearms.

Front Pillar

Galibier Design - Mk-II Turntable Armboard

Front Pillar

  • More than a pretty piece, it discourages moving your hand under the headshell – reducing the risk of cantilever damage.
  • Provides an anchor point for those who prefer to manually cue their records (a "pinky rest").
  • It's movable, so you can position it properly for any length tonearm.

Mark-I Turntable Retrofits:

Consistent with our ideals at Galibier, we engineered a retrofit/conversion for owners of Mark-I turntables.  This is a significant upgrade to even your Stelvio-I armboard.  Refer to our armboard page for details.

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