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Picky Customers

Galibier Design - Customer's Model RailroadOur Customers are the pickiest, nicest, and most creative people.

We like it that way.

The more attention you pay to detail, the more you’ll come to appreciate Galibier’s offerings.

Galibier Design - Customer's Model RailroadWe recently performed an install at the home of a customer who is a serious model railroader.

His 200 foot track installation (a September, 1942 depiction of the Southwest Colorado Rio Grande Southern) is modeled after a section near Ridgeway, Colorado – one of our favorite parts of Colorado (in the San Juan Mountains).

When you enter his layout you pass through a portal into another world.  Click on the photos to view in full size.

Galibier Design - Customer's Model RailroadHis layout is featured in the November/December 2016 edition of the Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette.

Here’s a short description of Ken’s layout: http://ldopsigmeet.tulsanmra.org/psm.php

Galibier Design - Customer's Model RailroadThe attention to detail in his installation is only hinted at in the photos I’ve taken.

The roof of the silver mill is removable, and once lifted, you can view the inside detail.

Galibier Design - Customer's Model RailroadKen does extensive research in order to faithfully reproduce a period correct landscape, which is a mix of physical parts and scenic background photos.

The close-up detail in the trees alone, is amazing!

Galibier Design - Customer's Model RailroadThe photo backdrops can be particularly challenging as 21st Century development encroaches on the landscape.

Ken will soon be presenting his approach at a national convention – how to best depict the landscape in light of these challenges.


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