Platter Conversion Time

Galibier Design - Platter ConversionThe last of the Summer updates – adapting a first generation Gavia platter to TPI© / Carbon.

Summer is a slow time in the audio business – a time for r&d as well as to recharge. 

We also use this opportunity to update customers’ products. 

Since they’re likely to be spending more time outdoors and less in their listening rooms, it’s a perfect opportunity to do some maintenance on their systems.

The original Teflon topped Gavia platters were very good, but we always felt there was just the slightest bit of a top end shimmer that was just a bit unnatural. 

The Anvil record weight mitigated most of this, but with the introduction of the first TPI© platter (graphite), we finally licked the problem.  The move to carbon fiber pushed the bar slightly higher.

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