A One Handed Watch?

Picture of a handSo, an ad popped up on my feed – single handed wrist watches.

Who would have thought this was thing, and what does this have to do with Hi-Fi?


Digital audio has come a long way, and it’s now quite listenable.  While I still prefer vinyl, I can easily see someone differing in this regard.  It’s come down to taste, sensibilities (musical values) and one additional key distinction … pace of life.

I tell people that one of the hidden virtues of listening to vinyl is that it slows you down, in much the same way that sitting down to a well prepared meal does.

The physical act of cuing up a record puts you in a different state from the one where you incessantly track skip with your file based digital system, scrolling through tracks on your tablet.

This is not an insignificant distinction.  Our 21st Century life runs at a maddening pace, and slowing down, whether it be to a well prepared meal, listening to music, or via any other vehicle can help one to “reset”.

One Handed Watches?

MeisterSinger Watch
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Well it seems as if the watch makers have taken notice, and some companies have decided that living our lives with false precision may not be the best approach.

While we have appointments to keep, running the bulk of our lives to the second doesn’t serve us – that 5 minute “resolution” (easily discernible with only an hour hand) will suffice.  Our smart phones can handle the appointments.

This is the genesis of watches with only an hour hand.  You can read more about this by clicking here.

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A One Handed Watch?

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