Ten Dollar Tweak

Galibier Design - the $10 TweakIn a recent chat with Lynn Olson, I learned that we independently stumbled upon a useful tweak you may be ignoring.

You’ve may well have been addressing this problem, but perhaps, not in the most effective manner.

Both of us visited our doctor and found that we had a wax buildup in our ears.

Galibier Design - Debrox Ear Wax RemoverWe both had a “pressure wash” – quite a weird sensation as they sprayed a solution into our ear canal to dissolve and flush out the wax.

You wouldn’t be surprised if we told you that the effect was like that of a cable upgrade.

Both of our doctors recommended regular maintenance with Debrox, to keep this under control, and this is the genesis of the $10 number in the post header.

The usual disclaimers apply.  We’re not medical doctors, etc. etc.  So at your next checkup, ask about ear wax and ear wax control.

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Ten Dollar Tweak

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