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Ferrari’s and Turntables

Galibier Design - Ferrari Shoot-3What do Ferrari’s have to do with state of the art turntables?

Galibier Design - Ferrari Shoot-5I dropped by my machinist last Spring, and an engine block caught my eye – not just any block, but a Ferrari engine block. 

I learned that when there’s a difficult problem to solve, my machinist is the “go to” guy for Scuderia Rampante – a Ferrari restoration, storage and maintenance operation – 5 miles from my house (click the thumbnails to enlarge the photos).

Galibier Design - Ferrari Shoot-4My machinist related some of the more difficult restorations they challenged him with.  One was a cylinder head with two distorted upper combustion chambers that appeared to have melted (it was some other form of damage). 

A Ferrari without original engine parts loses considerable value and every effort is made to resuscitate any damaged parts.

If Galibier Design - Ferrari Shoot-2I have to tell you what magnificent works of engineering, art and industrial design Ferraris are, then Galibier may not be the turntable company you’re interested in.

Galibier Design - Ferrari Shoot-6I’m fortunate, to have a machinist who is entrusted to these beautiful cars as well as one who subcontracts to NASA. 

Good design is necessary, but without perfection in execution, it’s meaningless.