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Eyes and Ears

Galibier Design - Eyes Picture for Blog PostAs we all work through adapting to new social norms during this period, I got to thinking about how our expressions are masked by our … masks.

My thoughts shifted to how we pick up visual and aural cues in general, and specifically with respect to music and  hi-fi.

Galibier Design - Eyes Picture for Blog PostWe’re learning how to express ourselves and to be received without the benefit of either being able to display or read smile or a scowl – at least below the bridge of our nose.

So, we’re growing sensitive to small cues we may have previously overlooked – especially the expressiveness of ones eyes.

Galibier Design - Eyes Picture for Blog PostI had a music teacher who encouraged me to play with my eyes closed.  It focused my attention on my technique, and quite frankly, I was amazed at the flaws I was overlooking – especially the subtle ones.

Of course, we’ve all heard about how your other senses are heightened when you shut one of them down. 

Galibier Design - Eyes Picture for Blog PostIt should come as no surprise that listening with your eyes closed can help when evaluating a hi-fi system. 

I’m of the opinion that not only does closing your eyes free up neural processing to “hear” better, but it also has a relaxing effect.

Losing body tension should not be overlooked.  It’s well documented how relaxation heightens performance – whether it be athletic or other.