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Driving Home Through Montana

Bridger Bowl Ski Area

Our return from the Pacific Northwest (see previous post) took us through Montana, where we took a two day break in Bozeman to ski at Bridger Bowl.

It’s always fun (re)connect with old and new friends.

Not many pictures from Seattle, where we met with Joel Durand and “jazzdoc” on Sunday, along a couple of other customers while in town.

A quick grab shot – too many chefs.

I fondly recall coaching jazzdoc in turntable setup in the mid-2000’s. He has sprouted wings over the years and now has an excellent grasp of the subject.

Joel first met me when looking to upgrade his turntable. He started with a humble Serac. The Galibier business model intrigued him and he built his first tonearm. Look at him now!

Too many cooks spoil the broth

Montana I-90

My first time driving back through Montana was quite an experience, and I’m glad my car was fitted with Nokian Hakkapelita studded snows. This state means business when it comes to Winter driving.

Mile 0: if you don’t know you’re in Montana by now, telling you won’t help.

We took a couple of days off in Bozeman and skied at Bridger Bowl – an incredible place as the photos show.

Bridger Bowl Ski Area

Bridger Bowl Ski Area

What trip through the Northwest is complete without tasting fine coffee? Gary Dahl (see previous blog post) is a barista extraordinaire, and in Bozemen we found two shops that would challenge Gary’s barista skills – the Bumble Bean and Ghost Town Coffee – both conveniently near the hotel and on the way to Bridger Bowl.  Highly recommended for a tasty pick-me-up.

We’re back in Colorado, catching up on things and are getting back to work on the NiWatt chassis.