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Oily Stuff

I had a conversation with a friend in the industry who challenged the premise of Galibier’s on-site setup model.

A customer of his paid what he considered a reasonable rate for a full analog setup.  Unfortunately, the fellow’s setup was sub-standard, and my friend chose to fine-tune it for his customer.

Because of this incident, my friend then concluded that no one sees value in a precise, professional setup.

Many may agree with his reasoning, but this is the equivalent of the person who brings his Porsche to a chain-store oil change operation, only to be told that the service personnel dropped a wing nut down the oil fill spout.

If the owner uses my friend’s logic, he would then decide to never bring his car in for a service to a competent mechanic (because of his bad experience with a chain-store operation).

I get the fact that there’s much more excitement in buying a new cable than paying to have your system set up correctly.

Extending the car metaphor a bit further, do you really expect your Ferrari to negotiate corners well if the tire pressure is 10 pounds too low and the front end is misaligned?  New floor mats with your initials embossed on them won’t help.

Galibier’s two-day setup model includes a mentoring session, and it’s been our experience that our customers are hearing their system’s potential realized for the first time.  They have a much better idea of what’s possible and (should they be inclined), they may decide to tackle the job themselves the next time.

“Teach a man to fish”……and all that.