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Do You Need a Smaller Refrigerator?

Picture of RefrigeratorShould you get a smaller refrigerator?

How about replacing your couch with a love seat, and more importantly, what does this have to do with hi-fi?

I’ve had conversations with a few audiophiles in the past year who are itching for smaller speakers, and their line of thinking has been along the lines of “I’m getting older and I don’t know if I can move them (around the room)”.  Another thing I hear frequently is that a customer will be moving into a space with a smaller listening room.

Of course the logistical argument (moving to a smaller space) makes perfect sense.   Your current, 6 foot tall speakers with separate woofer towers might overwhelm your new room which measures 12′ x 18′.  All too frequently however, I’d hazard a guess that your  speakers will be fine in their new habitat after a bit of experimentation.

It’s the “getting old” argument that really puzzles me.  How often have you moved your speakers around the room once you’ve positioned them?  I’d venture to guess about as many times as you’ve re-positioned your refrigerator or your couch.

What other reasons do we fabricate to justify making a change?  Is this merely a case of needing some retail therapy or are we aware of something that’s wrong?

I know of one designer who advises his customers to take their wives out on a date – that their hi-fi will suddenly sound better the next day.

I propose that we be a little  more honest with ourselves so we  can explore what isn’t working for us, and better understand what we want to change (apart from healing a bad back).

If we do so, we stand a better chance of making the change we’re  looking for.