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Savoie Update

Galibier Design - Savoie Concept - Right Front View
Savoie – shown with 282mm arm simulation (click to enlarge)

In our previous update (click here), we documented one of the smallest and most critical parts in a turntable.

Today, we bring you a revised conceptual drawing as we draw nearer to the finish line.

We’re working with three different fabricators and the above simulation is one of the ideas we’ve been working with them on.

Evolving Design Goals

Well not so much evolving as much as a recognition that some things are too good to  change.

When we kicked this project off, we envisioned a single box affair – striving for a compact,  understated look.  As we chased down vibration, the advantages of retaining a modular drive unit couldn’t be ignored.

The footprint projects to 23″ wide and 16.5″ deep, so by today’s standards for state of the art turntables, the dimensions aren’t out of line.  A sub-base is in the works for both isolation as well as compatibility with smaller shelves.

Galibier Design - Savoie Concept - Left Front View
Savoie – shown with 282mm arm simulation (click to enlarge)

Of course, this modular design retains the benefits of simplified service (shipping fees), ease of updates, and lastly, the convertible concept – to run the Savoie as a belt drive turntable.

The drive system (left side) is considerably larger than what you’re used to seeing, as the extra real estate was mandated by the linear drive tensioning system. 

Given the opportunity for a clean palette, we added a bit more space inside to allow for expansion.

We have a few related visual concepts on the drawing board, and this is by no means the final one, but the architecture is getting clearer, and we’ll soon be putting out bids for its manufacture.

There are no surprises as far as the bearing and platter are concerned. Try as we might, we can’t come up with anything better, and in all modesty, we haven’t seen anyone else do so.

The Savoie retains the Mk II Gavia/Stelvio armboards with their Vernier adjustable pivot to spindle adjustment.  Don’t mess with success.

We’re most certainly interested in your comments (e-mail us).

Only One Tonearm?  Stay Tuned for a Big Surprise.

We’re simple folks, and one tonearm will do us fine.  Truth be told, we have been working on revising the drive system layout to see if we can make room for a second arm in the left rear. 

Stay tuned, but know that our first priority is the drive system, which we will not compromise. 

Also, stay tuned for an innovative product we’ve earmarked for the left rear position on the shelf.  Our initial thoughts led us toward this being a modular device that will work with any Galibier turntable as well as many other turntables.

If we can make the drive system more compact, we’ll be able to accommodate either a second armboard or this this new product. 

This part of the design process should be complete by the end of June.