The Savoie - February, 2023

Coming in the Spring, 2023

Everything we've learned about the design of turntables has led to this ...

With many features leveraged from our Mk II Stelvio, we wrestled with the name.

Should it be the Stelvio Mk III?

Ultimately, some of the changes we've implemented are  so dramatic, that this turntable deserves a new name.

Galibier Design - Savoie Design Concept

Savoie - Modular and Convertable

The Savoie began as a rim drive concept, with the intent of releasing a subsequent belt drive module.

We've reversed course, and the belt module will be released first.  

The drive modules will be "hot swappable":  remove the platter, switch modules, replace the platter, and play.

The Vision

  1. Take Mk II Stelvio to the next level
  2. A convertible architecture to facilitate both belt and rim drive (can be "hot swapped")
  3. A new, 3-phase drive architecture
  4. Improved setup ergonomics for dual arm versions
Galibier Design - Savoie Design Concept

Savoie - Belt Drive Configuration

This has been a years' long effort, as we refused to merely "dress up" our Gavia and Stelvio and call it a day.  

Following our Occam's Razor principle, successive prototypes stripped away the fat, and what remains is simplicity itself.

Next up, is the rim drive module which we'll address as soon a the belt version reaches production.  

We have to warn you however, that much as we love the rim drive prototype, this belt driven iteration with its its flutter filter has raised the performance level to the point where the rim drive is playing catch-up.

It's going to take some time to bring the rim drive version to parity (or beyond?)

Sacrilege, but it's the truth.  If you use your ears (park your preconceptions at the door), the sense of rhythm and pace will fool you into thinking its a rim drive.  

Stay tuned, for updates.

Key Features

  • Modular drive configuration (rim or belt) - ease of service, and "hot swaps" are possible
  • Dual, 12″ tonearm capable
  • Mk II armboard architecture
  • Arms mount to moveable "pods", but they are indexed, so settings are maintained.  Move the left rear arm to the right rear to perform the setup, and then return it to the left rear.
  • 3 phase, sine wave generating controller architecture
  • Gavia TPI© platter standard (Stelvio TPI© is optional)
  • Identical bearing as the Stelvio

Here's what one of our customers had to say about the prototype ...


Thank you for hosting us in your lovely home last weekend. My thoughts:

The original conception of the platter, base and bearing have been re-validated. This part of the design ranks with the best available. The long term viability of the design is a wonderful testament to your initial engineering conception.

The rim drive is a revolutionary (as opposed to evolutionary) development. I have heard just about every contender for “best turntable in the world”.

What I heard on Saturday night is the best vinyl I have ever heard…and second place isn’t that close.

Based on what I heard Saturday evening, the new drive system fulfills the promise of Galibier and what compelled me (and many other customers) to purchase Galibier turntables. I feel you absolutely owe it to your loyal customers to complete the rim drive and make it available as an upgrade sooner rather than later.

As a loyal customer and public advocate of your products, I have waited for this level of upgrade and am looking forward to getting delivery of either a prototype or finished drive system soon. I expect you will want input and validation from current owners, please let me know when a test unit will be available.


Bellvue, WA

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