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Artist of the Day – Sarah Rogo

Time for a musical performance and a brief rant. In the early days, hi-fi writers would talk about “goosebump experiences” … the hair standing up on the back of their neck.

This performance by Sarah Rogo captures it better than I can write, and I’ll let her do most of the talking.

We seem to have wandered astray from describing our hi-fi’s by their “engagement factor”.  It’s an attribute I see becoming increasingly overlooked … at least in the forums and audio press.

In this TED talk, Sarah relates a moment as a fifth grader, watching a movie about The Holocaust and hearing a clarinet played in a manner that changed her life. 

Introducing a song about coming of age, she speaks of changing the world by listening.

Those of you who know me are used to my continually emphasizing the ability of a hi-fi system to capture the musical intent of the performer/composer.

Stumbling onto this video inspired me to formally start a series on musicians with a powerful ability to capture moments/feelings/emotions/thoughts and communicate it to their audience. 

Link to Sarah’s website.

This is why we have hi-fi systems … n’est ce pas?  It’s powerful stuff.