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Our Customers are the Happiest People

Steve Guttenberg interviewed one of my customers (Mark) who is a location sound engineer. My customers are some of the smartest and happiest people.

Mark discusses his job, how it relates to his audio hobby, his system (including his hybrid Galibier turntable), and his generally happy approach to both life and his hi-fi.

  • 2:30 Sound engineers and audiophiles
  • 3:45 David Bowie stories
  • 5:50 Mark’s system – Innersound Speakers, crossover and amps
  • 13:45 Mark’s Galibier/Redpoint hybrid turntable (see below for notes, corrections).
  • 17:25 Spouses and hi-fi systems
  • 18:40 Hagerman Trumpet phono stage and CAT preamp
  • 20:30 Tubes vs. solid state
  • 21:00 Headphones
  • 28:30 Accuracy, colorations and fun

Teres, Redpoint and Galibier

Mark’s hybrid table consists of a first generation Galibier Quattro SE base, a prototype platter that Peter and I designed together while at Redpoint, along with a Galibier drive system.

I’m amazed at how close Mark’s recollection of Galibier’s origins are.

The Teres project was formed one rainy day in December, 1999 when Chris Brady and I sat down in a diner in Denver to consider building a turntable kit from Thomas Scheu.  Reviewing the plans (which made no sense to us), Chris chirped up that his brother was a machinist, and down the rabbit hole we went – designing our own turntable.

I collected 3 other individuals, and the 5 of us (along with Chris’ brother, the machinist), formed what came to be known as the “Teres-6” (not to be confused with the Secaucus Seven).

By the end of January, 2000, we completed the bearing and platter concept, and I and I set out to engage a few more people in order to scale the manufacturing costs.  The group grew to 16.  We were almost there. 

I put a post out on the “Joe List” (the mailing list sponsored by the defunct magazine Sound Practices) – hoping to recruit another half-dozen individuals.  Little could I predict the interest, and the group ballooned to 50!

Mark gets the remaining elements of the story basically correct, as Peter Clark and I formed Redpoint Audio Design in late 2000. 

In 2003 Peter and I parted ways, and I formed Galibier (leaving Peter with the Redpoint name).  Peter lived in Scottsdale, AZ and operating a small company with the two of us living 900 miles apart proved to be too logistically challenging.

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