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Drive System Retrofits for Other Turntables

Galibier Design - Motor ControllerThrough the years, Verdier and Redpoint owners  (as well as owners of other turntables) have been persistent in their requests for a Galibier drive system (we’re flattered).

Leveraging lessons learned from our recent drive system update, we have streamlined our production capabilities, and we’re proud to announce that we have re-instituted our drive system retrofit/upgrade program for you.

Who is it for?

Anyone who can implement a drive system with an external (modular) motor pod.  Currently, our Kapton belts are 46″ in circumference, and we’ll be monitoring requests to see if there’s a requirement for different lengths.

In a typical retrofit, a custom height motor pod is fabricated, and we’ll fit all of our Stelvio class drive system components into this module.

Where can I learn more?

Here’s the direct  link to our drive system retrofit page.  You can always navigate to it from our main products page as well.

It gets better …

We’ve also instituted a trade-in program, where you can apply the purchase price of your drive system to a new Gavia, Stelvio or Savoie turntable.  Contact us for details.