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We Won’t Get Fooled Again

How many cable lifters does it take to “fix” a bad amplifier?

By the time people come to Galibier, they’ve been ’round and ’round the high end audio game.  Many are on the verge of checking out of this wonderful hobby.

This snip from The Marx Brothers’ movie “A Day at the Races” sums up how many of them feel by the time they reach out to us for advice.

Another image that comes to mind is the recurring scene in the comic strip “Peanuts” where Lucy repeatedly pulls the football away, just as Charlie Brown is about to kick it.

The slight of hand games played by all too many players in the industry assaults the audiophile’s checkbook as well as the credibility of all of the honest manufacturers (of which there are many).

Galibier is in it for the long haul and to shine the light on all of the dark corners of this industry and we’re not about to take any prisoners.