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Power Supplies

North America:

Tenma 72-8141 Power SupplyFor our North American customers (120VAC/60Hz), we are currently specifying the Tenma #72-8141 linear power supply which can be also be used with all legacy motor control circuits. It can be sourced through numerous vendors, including:

Western EuropeVoltcraft FSP-1136 Power Supply

The equivalent supply is the Voltcraft FSP-1136 and it is available through Conrad Electronics in many countries other than Germany and England. In the links below, note the country selection at the top of their web page:

Note: that the cigarette lighter plug connection is not available for this unit. You will have to wire banana plugs and observe correct polarity.

Other Regions

We are currently evaluating world compatible (220-240 VAC/50Hz) supplies for other regions.

Other Supplies

There are many capable power supplies by other manufacturers, and should you wish to experiment (for both world and North American mains circuits), specify a linear supply with a maximum output of 28VDC (many are typically specified at 13.8VDC and this is fine) and a minimum continuous current capability of 4 amps.

On batteries …

Galibier Mark II versions of turntables (as well as any legacy drive systems we update) employ the linear, DC power supplies mentioned above (powered by AC wall current), although they can be run with legacy batteries as well.

We do not have current experience with batteries to make any recommendations. Should you be in search of a battery supply, many automotive supply stores sell these rechargeable batteries. A good rule of thumb is to specify a minimum of 10aH (amp hours), but preferably one with 18-20aH capacity.

Take into consideration the charging convenience and manufacturer’s reputation when selecting. In general, we’ve noticed a 2-4 year lifespan with this class of battery, although your results may vary.