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Power Supplies

We are now specifying Teddy Pardo linear supplies for all Galibier turntables.

Teddy Pardo Power Supply This supply is specified for our 2018 drive system update.

Contact us for information.

The following legacy information is for reference purposes only …

North America:

Galibier Design - Astron RS-7A Power SupplyFor our North American customers (120VAC/60Hz), we are currently specifying the Astron RS-7A.  It can be sourced through numerous vendors, including:

Unlike the Tenma, the Astron has only a binding post connection (it does not have a cigarette lighter plug), so you must use banana plugs, and remember to  observe correct polarity when connecting your power umbilical to this unit.

The Tenma #72-8141 linear power supply previously specified is no longer in production but it is remains a viable  option if you find a vendor who has one in stock.

Western EuropeVoltcraft FSP-1136 Power Supply

The equivalent supply to the Tenma #72-8141is the Voltcraft FSP-1136 and it is available through Conrad Electronics in many countries other than Germany and England.

Note that the Astron RS-7A specified above is sold through Astron Distributors in a 220VAC version.  It has an IEC power connector in the rear.

In the links below, note the country selection at the top of their web page:

Note: that the cigarette lighter plug connection is not available for this unit. You will have to wire banana plugs and observe correct polarity for this unit as well as for the Astron unit.

On Other Supplies and Batteries …

Please Note:  If you have the 2018 drive system update, only the Teddy Pardo, Astron or Tenma supplies have been certified.  If you use any other supply with this revision, we will not warrant the controller.  A poorly regulated supply can damage the controller circuit.

The 2014 drive system update represented a move away from batteries with the specification of linear, DC supplies (powered by AC wall current).  While any 12 volt supply (including battery) is possible for these 2014 controllers, it is no longer recommended, and the better linear supplies are … better.

The 2014 revision had an extra stage of onboard regulation, and while it served to protect the circuit against inferior power supplies, it also compromised performance – especially with the Teddy Pardo supply.  The 2018 revision eliminated this extra regulation stage.