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Drive Belt Resources

Update – Summer, 2017:

  • Galibier Mark II versions (and all earlier generation turntables we’ve upgraded to current spec) employ manufactured, seamless (no splice) belts.
  • Initially, these belts were woven fabric with a polyurethane contact surface.  These are the gray belts you see in the current product photos.
  • We are now specifying seamless Kapton belts which are similar to Mylar in performance, but are more durable (also having no splice).
  • We’re in the process of working with the suppliers listed below, to establish a direct order process through them.  The minimum order quantity may be too large, however. We’ll update this page as we learn more.
  • The nominal specification is: 46″ circumference x .500″ wide x .002″ thick.
    A circumference longer than 46″ will work, and our standard 46″ size attempts to take into account typical turntable shelf dimensions.  The longer the belt, the more forgiving the setup process is.

Suppliers of Seamless Kapton Belts:

(Scroll down for resources on building your own belts from Mylar, recording tape, etc.)

A2Z Drive Belts – Edward Butler

Phone: (831) 449-5086
Address: 21175 Valle San Juan Dr., Prunedale, CA 93907

Belt Corporation of America

Phone: (888) 385-3207
Address: 253 Castleberry Industrial Dr.,Cumming, GA 30040

Belting Industries – Dave Fiore

Phone: (800) THE-BELT ext. 131
Phone: (908) 272-8591 ext. 131
Address: Belting Industries Co., Inc., 20 Boright Ave., Kenilworth, NJ 07033

Making Your Own Belts:

Links to suppliers of Mylar have expired, and we have removed them. If you’d like to fabricate your own spliced belt, search for either:

  • For holographic Mylar belts, search for band supplies.
  • 1/2″ recording tape or transparent 1/2″ recording tape leader.
  • Search for “recording supplies” for both tape and splicing blocks.

Splicing Tips:

Stephen Robinson put together a nice description of how to splice tape without the use of a splicing block. Since it was created in PowerPoint, we’ve converted it to PDF format.  click here to download the pdf.

Music Technology Tape Splicing Guide click here to download the pdf.