Custom Siggwan Spacers

Galibier Design - Custom Siggwan Tonearm Spacers

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Many of you are familiar with the now defunct Siggwan tonearm by Analog Instruments of New Zealand.

One of the Siggwan's quirks is a fairly limited VTA/SRA  adjustment range.  At the time of purchase, the user must specify his armboard height in order to accommodate this range.

This owner employed a free-standing arm pod for his Siggwan which required a bit of height adjustment.

We are big fans of matching critical material interfaces, and with the Siggwan's base plate being brass, we fabricated a brass riser for this installation.

The small part is a headshell weight - fabricated to match his Murasakino Sumile cartridge.  The Siggwan's effective mass is 14 grams, and in our experiments with a Kuzma 4Point, we found that the low-mid 20's to be ideal for this cartridge.

Those of you with a large mono collection would do well to investigate the Sumile.

The weight shown weighs a touch under 10 grams.  With a wood arm wand/headhell (think, Schröder to get a general idea), we didn't want to use a conventional shim between the cartridge and headshell, for fear of upsetting the energy transfer equation.

We designed the weight to position it on top of the headshell as shown in the simulation (mounted to a removable headshell).

Galibier Design - Siggwan Custom Headshell Weight

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