Kuzma Stabi S

Galibier Design - Kuzma Stabi S with 4Point-9 Tonearm

Kuzma Stabi S (click to visit Kuzma)

Kuzma's entry level turntable which punches far above its weight class.

The turntable can be configured at time of purchase are afterwards, for any combination of one or two tonearms, and can accommodate 12" arms in either position.

The baseline version runs directly off the AC outlet (no controller) and speed change to 45 rpm is effected by removing the platter and installing an outer pulley fitting over the 33 rpm pulley.

The external controller option regenerates the AC sine wave and provides for speed switching as well as fine adjustment of platter speed.

Pricing and Options

(effective April, 1, 2022)

Pricing spans a wide range depending on arm configuration (one arm vs. two) and whether you opt for the external controller. Black and brass versions are the same price.

The two most common configurations are:

  • Single 9" or 12" arm with no external controller:  $3,061
  • Single 9" or 12" arm with external controller: $5,323

The photos below show the external controller on the left.

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