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The entry turntable in the Feickert line has no right to be as good as it is.

All turntables designed to a price point require careful scrutiny - what to eliminate or simplify with the least sonic impact.

Retaining the the DC drive system of the Woodpecker was non-negotiable.

The arm mounting area of the Woodpecker and larger turntables was simplified, as well.

Design Philosophy

As with all Feickert turntables, the Volare's design is predicated on flexibility and interoperability.  

To keep the footprint under control, the turntable was designed with only one arm mounting area, and it may not accommodate the longest (12") arms.  Having said that, the result is a turntable you could easily run with a Schröder or Kuzma 4Point and forever be happy.

As with all Feickerts, the Volare is unsuspended.  

If you're familiar with our philosophy, you'll know that in our designs, we prioritize better coupling between the drive system and the platter, and this mandates a non-suspended turntable.  

Eliminating suspension is one key element to taking vinyl playback to the next level, and we would not be recommending Feickerts if the drive system was decoupled from the chassis with springs.

On our drive system F.A.Q. page, we discuss our priorities at Galibier for our own drive systems, and these priorities are embraced by Feickert in their designs as well.  It's about much more than perceived pitch stability, and Feickert gets this.  The benefits may not show up in your speed software, but they are clearly audible. 

To sum it up, this is the turntable we would build, and we can think of no higher praise.


(effective June 1, 2022)



Volare with no Tonearm


Volare with Origin Live Silver MK4 Tonearm & VTA mounting collar


Linear Power Supply Upgrade


Extra armboards


Of course, any of the 9" tonearms we carry (205mm to 240mm mounting distance) can be fit to your Volare - this, in addition to the Origin Live specified above, and a Mofi edition tonearm from Thomas Schick.

About the Linear Supply

Galibier Design - Feickert Linear Power Supply

Linear Power Supply

With both our Galibier turntables and the Feickerts, the benefits of feeding the drive system with clean DC power is significant.  

This goes back to virtues we reference above in our drive systems F.A.Q. page.

The Feickert linear supply is available as an upgrade option for your Volare.

You might want to consider a power supply upgrade before upgrading your cartridge.  We can discuss this with you.

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