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The Stelvio Mk-II

Galibier Design: Stelvio-II - High Angle View
Plastinum Gray Metalic (click to enlarge)

The Stelvio name has been reserved for our no-compromise turntable – the application of everything we’ve learned about vibration control, incorporating principles of mass, damping, and state of the art materials, including the strategic use of aluminum, brass, lead, and carbon fiber.

Key Features

Galibier Design - Stelvio-II Turntable
Polished Finish (click to enlarge)

We know of no platter design in current production with as sophisticated a damping strategy as the one we employ. 

This, combined with a world-class drive system and a bearing that will outlive your children’s children makes for a turntable that brings the best of belt drive, idler, and direct-drive into a single package. 

Click the tabs for details on these design elements.

Born in the USA

Galibier Design FlagAll Galibiers are proudly made in the United States, where we monitor and control every step of the manufacturing process. Click the tabs below for specification details.

Galibier Design - Motor Controller
Motor Controller – Switch Layout

The Drive System – click photo for more details.

Key Features:

  • High torque motor running at high speed, rendering better dynamic response.
  • Single motor, because if you couldn’t get it right with one motor, what makes you think you can get it right with two or three?

We talk a lot about speed stability with our customers, and rather than repeat ourselves here, read the first entry in the “Frequent Questions” section of our drive system update page.

For additional commentary check:

  • This blog post, where we discuss how good wow and flutter measurements are only the first step in ensuring speed stability.
  • This one, where we describe our procedure for installing a drive pulley for maximum precision. Even the torque sequence of the fixing bolts matters.
  • This one, where we describe the process of specifying a drive belt.
  • This one, where we auditioned drive belts with a customer.
  • This one, where we lay out a historical timeline of our drive systems.
Galibier Design - Bearing

The Galiber Bearing – click photo for more details.

In our 15 years of development and refinement, we haven’t been able to improve on the basic design. It’s a simple, well executed design and manufactured to aerospace tolerances.

Key features:

  • Tolerances so fine, that individual matching must be performed.
  • Large diameter (.800″) spindle for ultimate rigidity.
  • Self-damped by inner damping chamber.


Galibier Design - Turntable Platter
TPI© Platter

The Stelvio-II TPI © Platter – click photo for more details.

Key features:

  • Composite construction, incorporating aluminum, lead, oil, brass, and carbon fiber.
  • 44 pound weight with a 17 pound inner brass layer
  • Internal damping chambers (lead and oil).
  • 1/4″ thick, carbon fiber, TPI © top layer
Galibier Design - Mk-II Turntable Armboard
(click to read more)

Arm Mounting – click photo for more details.

The vibration story doesn’t end with the base.  After 10 years of development and refinement, we have taken the pivoting armboard architecture to its logical end point.

With the debut of the Stelvio-II, you’ll find arm mounts on sliding tracks with micro, fine-adjust pivot to spindle capability.

Key features:

  • Pivot to spindle distance can be repeatably set to .001″ precision.
  • Adjusts on sliding tracks, with fine, vernier control.
  • All of the tonearm mounting flexibility of pivoting armboards, with the inherent stability of a fixed mount.
  • Option of using one or two tonearms.

Dual Tonearm Capability:

  • Galibier Design - Mk-II Turntable Armboard
    Front Pillar (click to enlarge)

    Modular approach – capable of mounting two, 12 inch (310mm) tonearms.

  • Modular design – either arm wing can be removed, for a single tonearm configuration.

Free-standing Front Pillar:

  • Discourages moving your hand under the headshell – reducing the risk of cantilever damage.
  • Provides an anchor point for those who prefer to manually cue their records.
  • Movable, so you can position it properly for any length tonearm.

The Stelvio Base and Vibration Sinking:

The base has a complex matrix of damping channels which form a two-way vibration sink:  protecting the bearing from stand and shelf borne vibration, and draining any spurious vibration transmitted through the platter and into the bearing.

$27, 750 for Complete, Dual Armboard implementation.

Additional armboards: $725

Price includes:

  • In-home setup in Continental US and parts of Canada.
  • Wind River power cable for the power supply – because the Stelvio deserves nothing less
  • $750 travel rebate if you visit Galibier to audition and purchase a Stelvio within one year of your visit.
  • Free cables:  apply the price paid for up to three Galibier cables purchased during our Spring cable launch toward your Stelvio turntable (offer valid within one year of cable purchase).

Due to COVID, auditions and in-home setups are on hold until further notice.

We wish it were otherwise, but we’re grateful here at Galibier and we will not put our families’ health at risk.

For those of you who have purchased from us and are owed a setup, we’ll work with you to re-schedule your visit, or if you prefer, issue you a rebate.

We’ll also support you in the interim remotely – both via Skype as well as by performing some of the work remotely (depending on the design of your tonearm).

Here’s a link to a remote setup we performed for a customer.

Please check our On-site Setup page for updates.