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The Savoie

A Convertible Turntable Coming in 2021 (click here for latest update)

Galibier Design - Savoie Concept - Right Front View
Shown with 282mm arm simulation (click to enlarge)

This is a completely new direction in turntables for Galibier, but by no means have we thrown out all we’ve learned through the years.

The Savoie started off as a rim drive concept, but as development proceeded, we’ve engineered a belt drive option as well – so you can choose your architecture and compare for yourself !

Here are some key features:

  • Magnetically tensioned rim (or belt) drive.
  • Dual, 12″ tonearm capable with revised, sliding armboard architecture based on the Gavia and Stelvio Mk II (shown with “short” armboard and 282mm tonearm)
  • 4Q controller (evolution of the Stelvio drive)
  • Modular drive system for ease of service (and conversion between belt and rim drive
  • Gavia TPI© platter standard (Stelvio TPI© optional)
  • Identical bearing as the Stelvio

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Follow its development on our blog (provisionally named the Eiger), beginning with this September 6, 2017 commentary.

From one of our Stelvio owners:

Recently, one of our customers dropped by our facility in Erie, Colorado to take a pulse on our progress. Here are his comments from that visit:

Thank you for hosting us in your lovely home last weekend. My thoughts:

The original conception of the platter, base and bearing have been re-validated. This part of the design ranks with the best available. The long term viability of the design is a wonderful testament to your initial engineering conception.

The rim drive is a revolutionary (as opposed to evolutionary) development. I have heard just about every contender for “best turntable in the world”.

What I heard on Saturday night is the best vinyl I have ever heard…and second place isn’t that close.

Based on what I heard Saturday evening, the new drive system fulfills the promise of Galibier and what compelled me (and many other customers) to purchase Galibier turntables. I feel you absolutely owe it to your loyal customers to complete the rim drive and make it available as an upgrade sooner rather than later.

As a loyal customer and public advocate of your products, I have waited for this level of upgrade and am looking forward to getting delivery of either a prototype or finished drive system soon. I expect you will want input and validation from current owners, please let me know when a test unit will be available.

One of the key attributes of the Savoie is its speed stability.  We talk extensively about this with our customers, and rather than repeat ourselves here, check out this post, and this post on our blog.  While these comments apply to our recent belt drive updates, the same principles and design goals apply to the Savoie.