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Platter Design

Galibier Design - Turntable Platter
TPI© Platter

It’s difficult to single out the key determinants of the Galibier “sound” (or “no-sound”), but our platter design is most certainly a key contributor.

We developed the TPI© (Tunable Platter Interface) in 2005, and its tuning element (the top plate) changed from graphite to carbon fiber in 2010.

All of our turntables are fit with either the Stelvio or Gavia platter.

  • The Gavia platter weighs 32.5 pounds and is fit to both the Gavia and the Eiger turntables. 
  • The Stelvio platter weighs 44 pounds and is fit to its namesake – the Stelvio-II turntable.
  • Both platters are identical in every respect with one exception:  the use of brass in the core of the Stelvio platter and PVC in the Gavia.  This accounts for the difference in mass.
  • All platters employ lead/oil damping chambers in their aluminum carrier, and they have the same, 1/4 (6mm) thick carbon fiber top plate. 

The sound:

The first thing people notice about these platters is how the music emanates from a silent, black background. This only begins to tell the story however …

  • There is a clarity of presentation and articulation of musical lines.  Subtle musical phrasing becomes more intelligible and the music makes more sense.
  • Space is portrayed in a palpable manner.

Upon first exposure, the most common reaction is one of disorientation. The listener is presented with a seeming paradox, because the detail retrieval is accompanied with such a natural ease of presentation – as if the performance is a living, breathing entity.

The most common feedback we receive about this platter is that we understate its virtues.  Hearing is believing …