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Galibier Design - Mk-II Armboard
Mark-II Armboard & Wing

Your Galibier turntable is delivered with armboards manufactured to your tonearm’s specifications, and all Gavia-II, Stelvio-II and Eiger turntables are furnished with one or two armboards, depending on your initial order.   Click here for more details about our arm mounting architecture.

Pricing for Additional Armboards:

Pricing varies by mounting complexity and tonearm (armboard) length.  Prices range from $600 to $1,000.

Because there is no standard for tonearm mounts, fabricating an armboard can vary from a simple drilling and thread tapping operation into the aluminum, to a complex milling operation.  Long armboards require more material and more time to machine than short armboards do.

Consulting Service:

If your tonearm manufacturer is unable to provide us with specifications that can be transferred into precise machining specifications to instruct the CNC milling operation, you may have to send your tonearm to Galibier.

We can reverse engineer your tonearm’s mounting specifications.  An additional hourly charge ($50/hr.)  along with return shipping fees will apply.  The minimum charge for this service is $200 (+ insured return shipping).


Contact us by phone or e-mail for your specific requirements.

About Mk-I turntables.

Galibier is unique in that we support every turntable we have ever manufactured, and in most cases upgrades are available to bring all turntables to current specification.  Refer to the Galibier Museum for further commentary.

Mk-I Armboards.

We have a residual stock of Mk-I pivoting armboards (both the Gavia and Stelvio versions) and after they are sold, we will only provide mk 1.5 armboards.

  • The Stelvio-I armboard is thicker than the Gavia-I board, and has a damping canister affixed to its bottom.
  • The Stelvio-I armboard has no bottom exit for tonearm cables and can only be used with tonearms like the Schroeder Reference, Durand, Tri-Planar, etc.
  • If you have a tonearm like the Graham, Kuzma, Artisan, etc. , either a Gavia-I armboard must be employed, or alternatively, a Mk-1.5 armboard.

Mk-1.5 Armboard Upgrade.

We strongly recommend the Mk-1.5 sliding armboard architecture for our Mk-I turntables.  This is not a trivial upgrade.  This upgrade will transform your Mk-I into the sonic equivalent of its Mk-II offspring.  The additional stability is comparable to a significant tonearm upgrade.

  • Galibier Design - Armboard
    Mk-I Short Armboard
    Frequency response is extended.
  • The background is quieter.
  • Your tonearm will track dynamic passages with much more grace.
  • The armboard provides a Vernier adjustment for precise pivot-spindle adjustment.
Galibier Design Armboard
Mk 1.5 Long Armboard

The only consideration for not doing this upgrade is the sacrifice of dual tonearm capability.  Note:  we’re working on a 1.5 dual tonarm architecture upgrade.  Stay tuned …

While there are never guarantees in making a change to your architecture, this (along with the controller upgrade we rolled out in 2014) is as close as it gets to a sure bet.

Galibier Design - Gavia 1.5
Gavia 1.5 Conversion Cavity

The upgrade process:

If you are fitting most 12″ tonearms, or a tonearm like the Schroeder Reference, Durand or Tri-Planar, then this process involves a simple armboard swap.

If however, your tonearm is nominally shorter than 12″ and it has either an arm stub or arm cable which projects through the bottom of the armboard (e.g. Graham, Kuzma, Artisan, etc.), then your Gavia-I and Stelvio-I base requires additional machining to provide clearance for the arm stub and/or arm cable.  This photo shows the cavity we machine into your Gavia-I/Stelvio-I base.

All Gavia-I and Stelvio-I’s we receive in trade and post to our Bargain Bin include this cavity, to future-proof your investment.


Pricing is consistent with Mk-II armboards and varies by mounting complexity and tonearm.  It varies between $600 and $1,000 (plus possible consulting fees).  See above for details.

The price for machining the cavity is $750 + shipping.  Refinishing charges may apply, depending on your current finish.

Consulting Service:

See above about custom consulting service for undocumented tonearm mounting patterns.


With the completion of the upgrade rollout of Mk. 1.5 armboards, demand has tapered to owners who have purchased new tonearms.  The typical Galibier owner does not change equipment frequently, and we will schedule infrequent production runs for future Mk. 1.5 armboards as demand dictates .  Contact us for your needs.  We tend to keep a few in stock from these production runs.

If your need is immediate, we can manufacture in quantities of one,  but you will incur a setup fee which is normally amortized over the a larger batch. Setup fee for single armboard batch is $300.  If you require two armboards for two different tonearm mounting patterns, two setup fees will apply.

E-mail or call us for details.