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Arm Mounting Architecture

Galibier Design - Arm Mount
Mark-II – Arm Wing & Board

All Galiber models employ an identical sliding arm mounting architecture with a fine, repeatable adjustment for pivot to spindle distance over a 1/2″ (12.7mm) range.

Sonic benefits:

This is significant upgrade to our mark-I pivoting armboards – armboards which we considered to be a very capable solution.  There is an improvement in solidity and confidence to the presentation, and the bandwidth in both the lower and upper registers is extended.

Adjustment Precision:

In a world of high performing cartridges, where .002″ overhang error is audible, we consider achieving this level of adjustment precision with ease to be mandatory.

To accomplish this, the pivot to spindle distance is controlled by two screws with a 32 tpi pitch (one turn covers .031″ – .79mm).

Mark-I Turntable Retrofits:

Consistent with our ideals at Galibier, we engineered a retrofit/conversion for owners of Mark-I turntables.  This is a significant upgrade to even your Stelvio-I armboard.  Refer to our armboard page for details.