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Simplicity in motion.  

At the end of the day, bells and whistles may look nice, but do they enhance playback in any way?  With the correct setup tools, you'll achieve as precise of a setup with a simple tonearm like a Schick or Schröder as you will with a "full featured" arm.

Schick puts all of their attention where it matters - on material science and quality bearings.

Schick arms are imported to the US by MoFi Distribution, and they've specified Mofi variations along with the standard Schick versions.

  • The MoFi versions have a 5-Pin DIN connector (supply your own tonearm cable) and are available in black.
  • The Schick versions eliminate the DIN connection and have a straight run of wire from the headshell pins to the RCA/XLR connectors.  The Schick version is available in gold, matte silver and matte black.  

At one time, we advocated "straight run" wiring.  When we experimented with otherwise identical arms, we were surprised to observe no degradation from a quality 5-Pin DIN connection.

We look at the DIN version as a tuning element that may help you work with that otherwise unlistenable cartridge.  There's no right or wrong with the two wiring versions, and Schick has specified excellent wire for the standard version.

Graphite Headshell

People develop preferences for headshells and different materials, and this varies by cartridge choice.  For this reason, Schick prices headshells  separately.  

On our accessories page, we carry various headshell options for you to experiment with.

Schick's graphite headshell is extremely rigid, and somewhat lighter than ones fabricated from alloys.  

Galibier Design - Schick Tonearm - Graphite Headshell

Graphite Headshell

In addition to mass variances, headshell material has an influence on the energy transfer characteristics from cartridge to tonearm.  So, there is no "one size fits all" solution.

The lighter weight graphite brings the tonearm mass down a bit, and it's especially effective in combination with many medium compliance cartridges.

Pricing (effective August, 2021)




MoFi - 10.5"

10.5” tonearm with DIN connector
All-black finish. Does not include headshell.

$ 1,995

MoFi - 12.5"

12.5” tonearm with DIN connector 305mm mounting distance.
All-black finish. Does not include headshell.

$ 1,995

Schick - 9.6"

9.6” tonearm with 1.1M captive cable 229mm mounting distance. Silver, Gold, or Standard Black finishes.
Does not include headshell.

$ 1,995

Schick 12.5"

12.5” tonearm with 1.1M captive cable 305mm mounting distance. Silver, Gold, or Standard Black finishes.
Does not include headshell.

$ 1,995


Extremely rigid, graphite headshell

$   295


Schick tonearm cable (DIN to RCA)

$   295

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