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Tonearms by Jelco

Galibier Design - Jelco Tonearm
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June, 2020 – Jelco discontinuation of business and what this means:

We have a few SA-250 tonearm (9″, dynamically balanced, “S” shape) tonearms which we OEM’d with our partners at Artisan audio. 

It’s a classic tonearm and plays well above it’s “weight class”.  Contact us for availability.

Price is $595 (arm cable extra).

Other models

Contact us for stock availability from our US distributor.

Jelco’s current/final lineup consists of the following series.  The “S”, “M” and “L” suffixes refer to length (9″, 10″, and 12″):

  • TS-350S / TS-350L: short and long, statically balanced (no tracking force spring)
  • TS-550S / TS-550L: the 350 series arm with added viscous damping
  • TK-850S / TK-850M / TK-850L: short, medium, and long, knife edge bearing static balance (no tracking force spring)
  • TK-950S / TK950L: short and long, knife edge bearing, dynamic balance (static balance compatible – can disable spring)

Our copper litz tonearm cable is a great match for any of these tonearms.  Note that Ortofon OEM’s tonearms from Jelco.  Contact us to discuss the differences.