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Tonearms by Jelco

Galibier Design - Jelco Tonearm
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June, 2020 – Jelco discontinuation of business and what this means:

We produced a run of SA-250 tonearms (9″, statically balanced, “S” shape) with our partners at Artisan audio.

This is a classic tonearm and plays well above it’s “weight class”.

We have a small remaining stock of these SA-250s and are holding this  inventory for sale in a package with the release of our new, Savoie turntable (scheduled for Winter 20/21). 

These SA-250s are no longer available as an individual purchase.

Other Jelco Models

Should you be searching out Jelcos from distributors who still have inventory, we’ve left the following guide in place for you.

Jelco’s final lineup consists of the following four series.  The “S”, “M” and “L” suffixes refer to length (9″, 10″, and 12″):

  • TS-350S / TS-350L: short and long, statically balanced (no tracking force spring)
  • TS-550S / TS-550L: the 350 series arm with added viscous damping
  • TK-850S / TK-850M / TK-850L: short, medium, and long, knife edge bearing static balance (no tracking force spring)
  • TK-950S / TK950L: short and long, knife edge bearing, dynamic balance (static balance compatible – can disable spring)

Our copper litz tonearm cable is a great match for any of these tonearms.  Note that Ortofon also OEM’d tonearms from Jelco and they have removed their tonearms from their website.