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Tonearms by Kuzma

Galibier Design - Van den Hul Cartridge on Kuzma
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Kuzma’s most popular family of tonearms is the 4Point series.  We can furnish you with any tonearm in their line.

As far as the 4Point is concerned, we recommend the the 9″ or the 11″ lengths in most cases, because their effective mass is compatible with a broader range of current cartridges.

Its 14″ sibling (18 gram effective mass) is more suitable to low compliance cartridges.

Contact us for pricing and our recommendations based on your system.  Options are too numerous to document here.


  • Interchangeable headshells which maintain the continuous wire run from the cartridge clips.
  • Azimuth is repeatably fine adjustable via a rack and pinion screw adjustment with laser etched markings.
  • Repeatable VTA adjustment.
  • Multiple wiring options (straight-run, DIN connector, and a unique bi-wire option)