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No tonearm is perfect, although the Schröder CB is a masterpiece, and comes very close to the ideal.

One key difference we've found between Frank's custom versions of the tonearms and the production CB involves the torque sensitivity of the production version's headshell.

We designed a tuning kit to address this.  It's totally reversible.

The custom arm rests can be fit to most turntables, and for any Schröder arm.

Lastly, we have the heavy, brass cartridge carriers.  Most dealers do not supply this optional part with their Schröder sales.  We have them for you!

Arm Rest $249

These arm rests are fabricated for your turntable, and affix to the armboard/chassis with double-sided tape.

As long as your turntable finish is durable enough to tolerate double-sided tape, you can finally have the safety of an arm rest for your Schröder.

We recommend a test installation in a non-visible section of your turntable.  We'll provide some spare tape.  We take no responsibility for fragile turntable finishes.

Note:  you'll need a 1" area (25mm), located about 2.5" (about 65mm) forward from the bearing pivot to mount the disk.

Galibier Design - Schröder Arm Rest

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Specifying Your Custom Arm Rest

Galibier Design - Schröder Arm Rest Pillar Height

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This is a custom, fabricated part, and we'll need the height from the platter to the mounting surface where you'll be mounting the base plate.   Click the drawing for an expanded view.   

Please note the following to see if this assembly can be fit to your turntable.

  • The 25mm diameter base plate mounts to your turntable with double-sided tape
  • You'll need room to position the center of the pillar (and center of the mounting plate) about 15mm in front of the cueing platform.  The pillar is .375" diameter (about 9.5mm)
  • Typically, the base plate mounts on your armboard, but for some turntables, this will be a different area on the base.
  • Some turntables with small mounting platforms (cylindrical pillars, some pivoting armboards, etc.) will not work.

Headshell Tuning Kit $75

Galibier Design - Schröder Headshell Tuning Kit

Schröder Headshell Tuning Kit

Franks custom, wood wands have a bit of compliance built into them.

This makes it really easy to dial in the pivot bolt's torque.

If you have not played with this torque setting you:

  1. Are missing a key benefit of your Schröder.
  2. Likely have it set far too tight and are missing the stunning dynamics this arm is capable of rendering.
  3. Have not experienced the frustration of trying to achieve the correct setting (it should be quite loose).

The insert is fabricated from the same (Frank approved) 466 Marine Brass as the heavy cartridge carrier.  The kit comes with several of each of the above fasteners for experimentation.  Our current favorite is the standard, stainless bolt with the black, nylon washer.

One other benefit of the kit is that the bolt no longer digs into softer aluminum track, which forms a "memory" (divot), making it difficult to implement fine length adjustments.

For more background, we cover development of this tuning kit in this blog post.

Heavy Cartridge Carriers - $50

Fabricated with Frank's blessing, from 466 Marine Brass, these carriers will extend the effective mass of your Schröder by 5 grams (from the standard issue, Certal carriers).

Shown here (for comparison purposes) is the tuning kit insert, the heavy carrier, and a U.S. dime for scale purposes.

The price (above) is only for the carrier.

Galibier Design - Headshell Plug & Heavy Carrier

Schröder Headshell Tuning Insert & Heavy Carrier

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