Power Supplies

We are now specifying Teddy Pardo linear supplies for all Galibier turntables

This has been our power supply of choice since the release of the 2018 drive system update.  Click the photo to link to the Teddy site.  

Please note: 

We are switching from a 12V to a 15V supply.  This is well within the operating specifications of your controller circuitry and specifying a 15V version future-proofs you against any possible drive updates.

The photo link takes you to this 15V version.  As before, specify the same 5.5mm x 2.5mm connector.

Also Note:

Beginning with the 2018 drive system update, only the Teddy Pardo, Astron or Tenma (Voltcraft in the EU) supplies have been certified for use.

If you use any other power supply with the 2018 and later revisions, we will not warranty the controller.  

A poorly regulated supply can damage the controller circuit.  As we learned with the Astron supplies (which also have an IEC power inlet), power cable selection matters, so feel free to experiment.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Galibier Design - Teddy Pardo Power Supply

click to visit Teddy Pardo

Teddy Pardo Ordering Information:

For those of you upgrading your Astron or Tenma, here’s how to order your Teddy Pardo.  Note that the standard issue comes with a 1m long power umbilical (39″).

Most of our customers prefer a 2m length and below, are instructions for specifying a 2m length (no extra charge).

Click this link to order the Teddy 12/5 power supply (12 volts/5 amps).

  • In the “Connector Diameter” drop down, select 5.5mm x 2.5mm
  • Check out and pay
  • To select a longer umbilical, send Teddy an e-mail:  Go to Support → Contact Us → Click the e-mail link (info@teddypardo.com).
  • Send Teddy a message:  “For my order # ____, I’d like a 2 meter power umbilical cord”

Legacy Power Supplies

The following supplies are still authorized for use with Galbier drive systems.

North America

Galibier Design - Astron RS-7A Power Supply

For our North American customers (120VAC/60Hz), the alternative to the Teddy Pardo supply is the Astron RS-7A.  

It can be sourced through numerous vendors, including:

Unlike the previously specified Tenma, the Astron has a binding post connection. It does not have a cigarette lighter plug.  

You will have to wire banana plugs to connect to this supply and observe correct polarity for this unit.

The Astron has the advantage of an IEC power inlet, and we've found that power cable experimentation matters.

Western Europe

Voltcraft FSP-1136

This is the equivalent supply to the Tenma #72-8141 which we were previously specifying prior to the discontinuation of the Tenma in the U.S.

The Voltcraft FSP-1136 is available through Conrad Electronics in many countries other than Germany and England.

In the links below, note the country selection at the top of their web page:

Note: that like the Astron supply, the cigarette lighter plug connection is not available for this unit.

As with the Astron, you will have to wire banana plugs to connect to this supply and observe correct polarity for this unit.

Astron RS-7A 

The Astron unit noted above can be specified in a 220VAC version.  It is sold directly through Astron Distributors in the US. 

We have yet to identify a European distributor for this unit, but an extended search may save you the complexity of ordering from the US. 

We have a marginal preference for the Astron over both the Tenma and Voltcraft.  Given a choice however, the Teddy Pardo is considerably better.

On Other Supplies and Batteries

The 2014 drive system update marked a departure from battery supplies, with the specification of linear, DC supplies (powered by AC wall current). 

This 2014 drive system had an extra stage of onboard regulation, and while it served to protect the circuit against inferior power supplies, it also compromised performance significantly.  

The 2018 revision eliminated this extra regulation stage, and the improvement was apparent with the Tenma/Astron supplies, but even more so with the Teddy Pardo.

It's important to note that this 2018 version and all subsequent revisions require use of a power supply certified for use with it.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Voltcraft FSP-1136 Power Supply

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