Headshell Shims - $159

Galibier Design - Headshell Shim

Brass, heavy shim

These are problem solvers for VTA adjustment range issues as well as for experimenting with adding mass.

These shim kits are sold in sets of three.  

Everyone should have a set in their toolkit.  

When you need the right one, and it's a Saturday evening, you don't want to wait for the Postman (or worse - the next production run). 

Two of the shims are for mass tuning.

  • One is made from 7075 aerospace grade aluminum and weighs 4 grams.
  • The hardened brass one on the right weighs 8.25 grams

The third one is the real problem solver.  It's also made from 7075 aluminum but it has a 1.5 degree angle.  It weighs 2.5 grams.

During setups, we've encountered situations where a tonearm adjustment runs out of range when setting the VTA.

Galibier Design - Headshell Shim Kit

Set of 3

  • The 1.5 degree angle has the effect of raising or lowering the VTA pillar by approximately 6.4mm on a 9" tonearm.  You can increase or decrease the SRA, depending on which way you orient it.  
  • You can use the angled shim in combination with either of the two "flat" shims"

We first ran into this problem with a cartridge requiring "low" bearing post height on a Kuzma 4Point-9.  

Read this blog post for the story.

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