Drive Belts

If you’ve been following our mailing list, you know that as of early 2021, Kapton belts are no longer available in lengths for use with turntables.

We've developed a replacement – a low-mass fabric belt which is saturated in neoprene. It’s very similar in performance to Kapton belts.

We’ll update the photo on this page shortly.

Price:  $38.50


  • 46″ in circumference 
  • .157″ wide (4mm) 
  • .010-.014″ thick
  • seamless (no splice)

Owners of non-Galibier turntables:

Note that these belts follow our rigid philosophy.  They will not stretch, and are therefore not compatible with the vast majority of belt driven turntables which employ stretchy rubbber belts.

Making Your Own Belts

For those of you who are interested in splicing your own rigid belts from various types of recording tape, the following tutorials may be of assistance:  Stephen Robinson's guide and this one.

Galibier Design - Motor Pod

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