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On-Site Setup and Mentoring & Coaching Session

Our complimentary Stelvio on-site setup and mentoring session now includes all new Galibier turntables delivered to the Continental US and parts of Canada. 

Bargain Bin items and Certified Pre-Owned Galibiers may incur a charge which we’ll consider on a case by case basis.

Refer to the “Pricing” tab for rates associated with tonearm/cartridge purchases, Galibiers purchased on the secondary market, as well as setting up turntables from other manufacturers.

We pride ourselves in the “teach a person to fish” philosophy, and mentoring/coaching is a major component of the time we spend together.  Learn by doing.

Contact us for details.

Preliminary Considerations

This is an analog focused session. 

We’re not furniture movers and we’re not focusing on room tuning (speaker moving), although we may do a bit of system housekeeping depending on individual circumstances.

We’ve done enough setups to avoid the major pitfalls, and the planning steps we outline are result of “lessons learned”.  We want your session to run smoothly.

The following worst-case scenario actually occurred:

I appeared at a client’s house and found another vendor in the third day of a speaker installation project.  Sawdust was everywhere.  They requested my assistance.  In the interest of clearing space to perform the setup, I acquiesced.   Nevertheless, I was left with less than 90 minutes unpack his turntable and perform a rough setup. 

The more efficiently we can work without surprises, the more time we have to mentor and coach you in the setup process.

Planning Your Session

We’ll begin with phone/e-mail consultation and an exchange of  photos of your listening room.  We may make some general suggestions about your room layout and speaker positioning at this time.

Our target during these preliminary conversations is to help you prepare for our session so you can most benefit from our time together.

If you’re interested in building a complete analog tool set we’ll prepare a shopping list for you.

If we’re setting up a tonearm on another manufacturer’s turntable, we’ll begin planning for delivery of the armboard.

“Site Preparation” Checklist:

  • Ensure access to your electronics so we can clean and condition your contacts (either by removing them from the rack or by having enough space to access to the jacks).
  • Provide a good source of lighting near your turntable (free-standing or built-in).
  • Remove excess clutter from your room (no one’s perfect – we get that).  We’re bringing quite a few tools and we’ll need to spread out.  The more efficiently we can work, the more time we have to mentor you.
  • Provide a small table that can support a laptop near your turntable so we can run our USB microscope.

If we’re installing a new turntable:

  • Clear your turntable shelf from your previous turntable.
  • Ensure you have the necessary “household” materials listed in the “Prepare Your Workspace” section of the owners’ manual:  blanket, paper towels, rubbing alcohol.

The following is an example of a Friday/Saturday session.

Arrive on Friday mid-day.

  • Perform a general system assessment – listening to both your analog and digital setups in order to get a sense of overall system characteristics.
  • Clean and condition all of your system’s contacts and cabling connectors.
  • Listen a bit more.
  • For new installs, assemble the turntable and locate it on the shelf.
  • Inspect (and clean as necessary) your cartridge(s) using a 200x microscope.
  • Perform first tonearm setup.
  • Listen / tweak.
  • Perform second setup (two tonearm system).
  • Listen/tweak.

Saturday – morning through afternoon:

  • Warm up system and listen for a while.
  • “Undo” one arm/cart setup and coach you – we’ll guide you through a setup.
  • Listen & do final system checks and adjustments.


  • Your turntable set up with up to two tonearms and cartridges.
  • A mentoring session where we coach you while you perform a setup.
  • Annotated USB microscope photos of your VTA/SRA settings.
  • A wow and flutter report for your turntable.
  • Arc protractors printed on card-stock for your tonearm(s) – Baerwaald alignment.  The best protractor we’ve found is (appropriately named) the Best Tractor from Mint LP, but these printed protractors are very good.

Note:  we’ll have some of our cabling with us – primarily to help us better understand  your system’s characteristics.  It will be available for purchase at  accommodation pricing if you find they work for you.

Tools Used

  • USB microscope:  for setting VTA/SRA. 
  • Feickert software: to measure wow and flutter:
  • Feickert software: to assist in azimuth setup.  The majority of the time, we use our ears, and we’ll show you what to listen to and what to listen for.  On rare occasions, we’ll run the Feickert software to run diagnostics on a cartridge which is producing anomalous results.
  • Arc protractor(s):  We produce these with our CAD software for your tonearm(s), using a Baerwaald alignment.
  • Cabling:  we’ll be bringing along cables of our own fabrication.  These help us obtain a baseline evaluation of your system.
  • Headphone Amplifier:  depending on your system, we may bring a headphone amplifier with us.  Occasionally, this can help isolate system variables from an unfamiliar system by  removing the power amp, speaker cables, speakers, and room from the system equation.  Headphones (while not necessary) are a great way to speed up the process of adjusting azimuth as well.

We have four tiers (in order of increasing price):

 Tier-1: Complimentary for all new Galibier turntables delivered to the Continental US and parts of Canada.

Tier-2:  Purchase of tonearms and/or cartridges (no turntable purchased).
Due to the large potential pricing variance, pricing ranges from $0 to Tier-4 (full) pricing.  Contact us for details.

Tier-3:  Bargain Bin items and Certified Pre-Owned turntables (purchased from us). Priced on a case by case basis.

Tier-4:  This covers all setups where no product has been purchased from Galibier (setup of other manufacturers’ turntables,  Galibiers purchased on the secondary market, etc.)

Tier-4 – Session Pricing :  $1,500

  • Two days, covering 10 hours’ setup, mentoring and coaching.

Tier-4 – Travel Reimbursement (pricing varies):

  • Round-trip air fare from Denver, Colorado
  • Travel to airport at standard mileage rate plus two days’ parking
  • Lodging – typically one night.  Two night’s lodging in extremely rare cases (e.g. lost baggage delaying our session start and end).  To date, this has never occurred.
  • Rental car

For visits within driving range, the standard IRS mileage rate will be applied in place of air fare and rental car.  The 2017 rate is $0.535/mile.