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The Eiger

Galibier Design - Eiger Turntable Concept DrawingComing in late 2017

This is a completely new direction in turntables for Galibier, but by no means have we thrown out all we’ve learned through the years.

Here are some key features:

  • Rim drive with magnetic (fine adjustable) tensioner
  • Gavia TPI© platter architecture – the same design used in our Gavia and Stelvio
  • Two tonearm capability, employing identical  sliding armboard architecture as the Gavia and Stelvio
  • Motor & controller architecture adapted from the Stelvio for rim drive
  • Identical bearing as the Stelvio

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From one of our Stelvio owners:

Recently, one of our customers dropped by our facility in Erie, Colorado to take a pulse on our progress. Here are his comments from that visit:

Thank you for hosting us in your lovely home last weekend. My thoughts:

The original conception of the platter, base and bearing have been re-validated. This part of the design ranks with the best available. The long term viability of the design is a wonderful testament to your initial engineering conception.

The rim drive is a revolutionary (as opposed to evolutionary) development. I have heard just about every contender for “best turntable in the world”.

What I heard on Saturday night is the best vinyl I have ever heard…and second place isn’t that close.

Based on what I heard Saturday evening, the new drive system fulfills the promise of Galibier and what compelled me (and many other customers) to purchase Galibier turntables. I feel you absolutely owe it to your loyal customers to complete the rim drive and make it available as an upgrade sooner rather than later.

As a loyal customer and public advocate of your products, I have waited for this level of upgrade and am looking forward to getting delivery of either a prototype or finished drive system soon. I expect you will want input and validation from current owners, please let me know when a test unit will be available.