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Drive System Retrofit

Galibier Design - Motor Controller

Requests for drive systems from owners of other manufacturers’  turntables (particularly Platine Verdier and Redpoint owners) were deafening, and we listened to you.

We’ve streamlined our production process and this freed us up to re-institute our drive system retrofit/upgrade program for a broad range of turntables.


What’s Included

Galibier Design - Teddy Pardo Power Supply
Teddy Pardo Linear Supply is Included

The upgrade consists of the exact drive system we specify for our Stelvio-II turntable:

  1. Current generation drive module.  This is the round top plate assembly shown in the photo.  It houses the motor and all control circuitry.
  2. Custom height motor pod
  3. Kapton Belt (46″ circumference)
  4. Teddy Pardo Linear Power supply

The machined aluminum parts are finished in matte silver (anodized).

A Historical Timeline

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the evolution of our drive system, we compiled this timeline (click this link).


Other manufacturers’ turntables – the complete drive system.

This includes all of the items noted above, and pricing shown below differs based on motor pod height (standard Galibier height vs. custom):

    • Standard Galibier height motor pod: $2,695 (belt center line is 5.1″ above turntable shelf)
    • Custom height motor pods: $2,995 (Verdier, Redpoint, etc.)
Galibier Owners – controller circuit update (no motor pod, power supply or belt)

This includes the drive module specified in item-1 above, and is a direct, plug-in replacement for all turntables we have ever manufactured (dating back to 2001).  Price is $1,095.

This module requires a linear power supply – either by Astron  ($80) or Teddy Pardo ($400).  Since many of you already own one of these supplies, the above pricing does not include a power supply.

Trade-in / Trade-up

At any point within two years of purchase, you may apply the full purchase price of your drive system upgrade in trade toward a Galibier Stelvio, Gavia or Eiger turntable.  We will re-purpose any compatible parts from your drive system (as applicable) to the model you purchase.

Contact us for details.